ATV Rental Paros and Antiparos: Everything You Need to Know [2023]

Are you thinking of getting a quad or ATV Rental in Paros or Antiparos? This complete guide to the best rental companies in Paros, Greece will help you choose the right ATV based on cost and season, know what you need to rent an ATV, give you tips on how to save money, and show you the best places to explore with your ATV rental on gorgeous Paros. Plus, your 10 most FAQs about renting an ATV in Paros are all answered below.

Map of Paros and the Cyclades Islands

Only 21 km (13 miles) long, Paros is a hilly little Cycladic island that is a perfect base for day-tripping because of its extensive ferry services.

Antiparos is 1.5 km to the southwest of Paros, 37 square km in size, and 11 km in length. In other words, it’s perfect to get around on with an ATV!

Map of Paros island and the Cyclades islands, Greece
Map of Paros Island and the Cyclades islands, Greece

There are four main “areas” of Paros – Parikia, the main ferry port of the island on the east coast, and a few coastal villages nearby, sophisticated and beautiful Naoussa, in the north and nearby Kolymbithres, the beaches of the east and south of the island, and the lovely mountain villages in the middle.

It’s possible to get to all of these places by public transport, but if you want to see all of the island, road trip around it, or flit between the beaches, some kind of road transport is necessary.

On crowded resort areas, I like to rent a scooter. In very mountainous areas and large islands, I prefer a car rental. But on small Cycladic islands, an ATV is the best way to get off the beaten path and be able to get around the whole island. Paros counts as “hilly” rather than mountainous.

And of course, an ATV is a whole lot of fun!

Best 10 ATV Rental Companies in Paros and Antiparos

But how do you know which ATV rental companies in Paros and Anti-Paros are reputable with ATVs and Quads in excellent condition that are well-maintained?

The 10 companies in the table below are the highest-rated ATV rental companies in Paros with no company rated less than 4.7/5 and several with perfect review scores. Below the table, you’ll find a map of the office locations of these rental companies.

Rental CompanyGoogle RatingAddressPhoneWebsite
DK Rentals5/5Paros Airport+306959998106https://dkscootersparos.com/
Polos Cars5/5Eth. Antistasis, Parikia+30694 858 8097https://poloscarsparos.gr/
Paros Trust Rental4.9/5Epar.Od. Parikias-Pountas, Parikia+302284 025135https://www.parostrustrental.com/
ParosEuropean Rent4.8/5Parikia, Paros+302284021771https://parosrentcar.com/
Paros Summer Travellers5/5Paliomylos Naousa, Paros+306946075400https://www.paros-summer.com/
Paros on Wheels4.9/5Naoussa River next to KTEL Bus Station, Naousa+306947561776https://www.paros-motorent.gr/
Rigas Paros Rentals4.9/5Naoussa River next to KTEL Bus Station, Naousa
George Bikes Rent Paros4.8/5Marpissa, Paros+306934859237https://george-bikes-rent-car-scooter-atv.business.site/
Ride In Paros Rent a Car4.7/5Lefkes 1, Lefkes, Paros +306946040150https://www.rideinparos.com/
Dimitris Antiparos Rent A Car4.9/5Antiparos Port, Antiparos+302284061286https://antiparosrentalcars.gr/
Best 10 ATV Rental Companies in Paros and Antiparos – Trip Anthropologist

ATV Rental Paros: Map of Rental Office locations

Map of 10 Best ATV Rentals Paros
ATV Rental Paros: Map of Rental Office locations

What kind of license do you need to Rent an ATV in Paros?

In 2018 on many Greek islands, there were protests and even blockades at the ports of Mykonos and Naxos by “pigs.” Pigs (gourones) are what Greeks call quads or ATVs!

Photo of a man Quad biking on a gravel road along the coast, Paros Island, Greece
Quad biking on a gravel road along the coast, Paros Island, Greece

They were protesting a law banning ATVs from asphalt roads. Before 2018, you didn’t need a license to rent an ATV or quad and that’s why they were so popular. The ban was lifted a year later when the relevant Deputy Minister called it “absurd.”

However, even though you can ride your ATV or Quad Bike on the road again, you now need to have a full car license (known as a B License) and can’t drive on expressways.

If your license is not from an EU country, you will also need an International Driving Permit. Technically you don’t need one if your country is recognized as having an equivalent licensing system to Greece. Australia was added to that list at the end of November 2021.

However, no one seems to have told most of the ATV and quad rental owners who increasingly insist on seeing a physical copy of your license and your IDP before you’re allowed to part with your money and drive away into the sunset on your rental.

General tips for renting an ATV in Paros

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when riding around the Greek islands, there are a few things to consider before renting an ATV.

Firstly, check the minimum age requirement for renting an ATV on the rental company’s website. Additionally, make sure you have the necessary license requirements for the size of the ATV you plan on renting.

You should also take the time to read the rental company’s reviews, which can be found on their website.

Non-EU drivers should carry an International Driving Permit when renting an ATV. While this may seem like a funny rule, it’s important to note that some rental companies are strict about enforcing it. It’s best to be prepared and obtain the necessary permit to avoid being denied the rental vehicle when you get to the rental office.

Driving an ATV is generally not difficult, but it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of operating this type of vehicle to avoid accidents or injury. It’s especially important to exercise caution if you’re in a new country, particularly if you’re not accustomed to driving on the right side of the road.

When driving, take corners and steep hillsides slowly, and avoid drinking and driving, as the legal alcohol consumption limit is lower than in many other countries.

Before renting an ATV, it’s crucial to confirm that your travel insurance policy covers accidents that may occur while driving one. Many travel insurance policies do not cover accidents involving ATVs or quads.

The Cost of an ATV Rental in Paros

  • An ATV rental in Paros will cost more if you vist in high season, and higher-powered models are more expensive their lower-powered ones. The cost per day decreases when you rent for several days or more and you can negotiate a much better price for long term rentals.

  • An entry-level 1700CC model for a one-day rental costs a minimum of 25 € in low season, 32 € in shoulder season, and 55€ in high season.
  • A mid-range model (around 300CC) starts at 30€ in low season, rising to 38€ in shoulder season, and 65€ in high season.
  • You can hire a 450 CC in the low season beginning at ‎50€, in the shoulder seasons at ‎65€, and in the high season beginning at ‎75€.
  • A higher-end model such as 600CC+ models will cost you in the low season at least €‎65, rising to €‎80 in the shoulder season and at least €‎90 in the high season.

Tips for Finding Good Prices for ATVs

On some of the Greek Islands, I’ve found that there are a couple of hidden charges that sometimes get added to your ATV rental. Mykonos is probably the worst in this regard, and Santorini the best, but you will find hidden costs occasionally in Naxos, Paros, Milos, and Corfu.

There are two additional charges to be aware of when renting an ATV. The first is the tax of 24%, which may not be included in the rental price upfront. It’s important to keep this tax in mind when budgeting for your rental.

The second additional charge is for transfers to the rental company’s office or for drop-off and pick-up of the ATV. This service usually costs around €30.00.

There are a few other, unavoidable charges, such as a security deposit, but you can find many rental agencies that won’t take a booking deposit. It might be worth paying a booking depoist for a quad ATV if they have good prices you can’t find elsewhere.

My top recommendation is to book online as early as possible. By this I mean, at least 8 weeks in advance. It’s quick and simple to fill out the online booking form, but I’ve also find just sending a Whats App message gets you an almost immediate reply if you have any questions.

Booking online offers several advantages, including a standing discount of roughly 15% for online bookings. For example For example, DK Rentals in Paros offers a standing 15% discount for online bookings.

Additionally, booking in advance allows you to take advantage of annual specials, such as Easter sales.

Booking early also ensures that you have access to the widest range of vehicles available, with options to fit all budgets. This means you won’t be forced to rent a large, expensive vehicle if it’s not your preference because there aren’t any smaller vehicles left by the time you get to the rental agency!

Top 8 Places to Visit on Paros With an ATV Rental

There are so many exciting things to do and places to visit on Paros and Antiparos with an ATV Rental. Here’s my favorite 8.

1. Parikia

You’ll likely dock in Parikia if you’ve taken a ferry to Paros, and Paros airport is only 11 km south so it’s common for travelers visiting Paros to base themselves here or to begin their stay here.

Photo of typical parikia-architecture, Parikia, Paros, greece
Typical back street of Parikia, Parikia, Paros, Greece

Parikia loses out to Naoussa as the loveliest town on Paros, but it is a charming town with a Frankish Castle, museums, restaurants, as well as bars, and many taverns around the Port which make it a lively town.

2. Naoussa

Photo of beach and houses on the sea in naoussa-paros-greece
Naoussa, Paros Island, Greece

One of the loveliest towns in the Greek Islands. Just walking, sitting, eating, and drinking by the harbor and the Aegean Sea, and exploring the alleyways can easily keep you happy for a couple of weeks!

3. Lefkes

Photo of a Traditional cafe in the street of Lefkes town, Paros island, Greece
Traditional cafe in the street of Lefkes town, Paros island, Greece

My favorite village on Paros is undoubtedly Lefkes village. The brilliant Byzantine Route is a walk from Lefkes past Byzantine-era churches in the countryside.

4. Antiparos

Trip Anthropologist
Antiparos Island, Greece

Pop onto the ferry with your ATV and explore Antiparos for an unforgettable adventure. See the castle and the Cave at a minimum.

5. Panagia Ekatondapiliani

Photo of the interior of Panagia Ekatondapilianiparos, Parikia, Paros
Interior of Panagia Ekatondapilianiparos, Parikia, Paros

If you only see one Church on Panos Island, make it Panagia Ekatondapiliani. This church is actually a Byzantine church complex that includes chapels and a fort and a baptistery.

6. Kolymbithres Beach

Photo of people swimming at Kolymbithres Beach, Paros Island, Greece
Kolymbithres Beach, Paros Island, Greece

One of the best beaches in Paros and close to Naoussa so ideal for an afternoon of lazing about before cocktails by the harbor in Naoussa and watching the sunset.

7. Golden Beach

Photo of palm leaf umbrella and sun loungers on Idyllic Golden Beach, Paros, Greece
Idyllic Golden Beach, Paros, Greece

If Kolymbithres is the best beach in the north of the island, Golden Beach wins the prize for the best beach in the rest of Paros.

8. Wine tasting at a Paros Winery

I love visiting wineries on the Cyclades islands because there are often indigenous grape varieties and beautiful surroundings that you don’t otherwise see if you stay in the towns or at the beaches.

The winery was founded in 1910 and now the fourth generation of the family owns 10 hectares of land and continues the tradition of wine production with modern means.

Top 10 FAQs about ATV rental Paros

1. Is there ATVing in Paros Greece? (Can you hire quad bikes on Paros?)

Photo of a man quad-riding-on-gravel-road-in Paros, Greece

Hiring a quad bike or ATV is very popular in Paros Greece because it is difficult to see the inland villages and coastal beach towns unless you have a lot of time to spend waiting for the public bus network. There are at least 3 dozen rental agencies, mainly in Parikia and Paros.

2. Can you drive ATV on the road in Paros?

You can drive an ATV on the road in Paros as in the rest of Greece with a full car license and a helmet, but not on expressways.

3. How much does it cost to rent an ATV in Paros?

Quad parked at Kolymbithres beach on Paros island,

An entry-level 1700CC model for a one-day rental costs a minimum of 25 € in low season and 55€ in high season. A mid-range model (around 300CC) starts at 30€ in low season, rising to 65€ in high season. High-power ATV models such as 600CC+ will cost you in the low season at least €‎65, rising to at least €‎90 in the high season.

4. How long does it take to go around Paros?

Map of Paros Island, Greece

If you drive in good conditions in a circuit around the island of Paros in a car without stopping, it will take you just under an hour.

5. Is Paros walkable?

Individual towns and villages are walkable and it is feasible to go for a long walk for the 22 km it takes to traverse the whole island from north to south (but then you would have to return!) It is possible to have a walking holiday from village to village in Paros, but most people on holiday use the inexpensive bus system or hire a car, scooter or ATV/Quad.

6. Is Paros flat or hilly?

View on Paros island Greece

Like most, if not all, Cycladic islands, Paros is flat around its coastline and hilly in the interior. Other islands, like nearby Naxos, are more mountainous, but the highest peak in Paros is Agioi Pantes (Saint Pantes) which is 770 meters (just under half a mile) high.

7. Do you need an international license to rent ATV in Greece?


You need a full and valid car license to rent a quad or ATV in Greece. If your license is not from an EU country, then you will need to bring along an International Driving Permit (IDP).
There are some non-EU countries that have an equivalence agreement with Greece and don’t legally have to produce an IDP, but this is not an argument you’re going to win when you try to pick up your rental ATV or quad. Just bring one along as well as your car license.

8. Is it easy to get around Paros without a car?

Island of paros in Greece orange map art and blue background

It is easy to get between the main towns on Paros without a car rental by using public transportation. New Paros Airport is 11 km south of Parikia, and taxis and buses travel between them, but of course you can alos pick up a car rental at the airport.
The towns and villages themselves are walkable, but it’s not easy to get around Paros without your own transportation if you’re short on time and if you want to explore the island outside the main towns, especially in the summer months.

9. Do you need an ATV in Paros?

Photo of a green quad bike

Paros is not a large island and it’s possible to get a bus between the Parikia and Noussa and some of the villages in the interior and on the coast. But to move between them easily and to explore Paros, it’s almost impossible without a rental vehicle.
An ATV is easier than a motorcycle or scooter to drive and much cheaper and less hassle than a car. It’s also a lot of fun and so an ideal way to explore Paros.

10. Do you have to wear a helmet on a quad in Greece?

Quad rental in Santorini, Greece

All drivers and passengers of ATVs, Quads, Motorcycles, and Scooters in Greece must wear a helmet. You can be pulled over by the police and fined and have your license confiscated. You aren’t covered under third-party, travel, and medical insurance policies if you weren’t wearing a helmet when you had an accident.

Final Thoughts

An ATV rental in Paros or Antiparos is a great way to have fun on your holiday and I hope you’re inspired to try these other adventurous ways of hopping between and around the Greek islands:

Keep Planning Your Trip to Paros and Antiparos