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Best Santorini Wineries and Wine Tasting Tours

It is often argued that the best and crispest Greek white wine comes from Santorini wineries – and I’m not one to disagree. There are few places more heavenly for wine lovers than Santorini. Just picture enjoying a fabulous drop from a premiere Santorini winery, surrounded by stunning views and the fresh sea air. You can even sip wine while watching the sunset over the caldera from Santo and Venetsanos Wineries. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

To help you enjoy an incredible wine tour in Santorini, here’s a guide for where to go wine tasting: what wineries to visit, and information about the best local winery tours on the island.

Santorini Wine and Wineries: An Introduction

Wine has been produced on Santorini since prehistoric times so perhaps it’s no surprise the wine of the island is so exceptional. It’s believed that Phoenician traders first introduced the island to the art of winemaking (and drinking) – and they’ve been perfecting it (plus or minus a few volcanic eruptions and earthquakes) ever since!

ancient akrotiri wine amphora

At the southern tip of the island is Ancient Akrotiri, a 3600-year-old Minoan Bronze Age village. The incredible eruption of the volcano (that split Santorini into all of the smaller islands you can see when you look out towards the caldera) completely wiped out Ancient Akrotiri.

The eruption was so great it is recorded in Ancient Egyptian writings and sediment from Santorini has been found in lakes in Turkey!

The lava that flowed over Santorini engulfed the ancient village but strangely left it intact. You can walk these ancient cities (see how to do that here). Archeologists found wine amphoras beautifully preserved by the lava as you can see in the photo above.

Santorini wineries are often set in amazing locations, enjoying sweeping views of the Aegean and the caldera. However, there’s much more that makes them exceptional – and a lot has to do with Santorini’s unique climate and terroir.

The island’s climate is warm and dry, with little rainfall but heavy wind, while the terrain is heavily volcanic. These factors come together to create a unique ecosystem to produce some seriously fabulous grapes. Santorini is immune to the grapevine disease phylloxera which means it has a high proportion of older vines.

Overall, the wine of Santorini is generally complex yet approachable, with a range of varieties that offer something for everyone. From the casual bottle to enjoy on your balcony, to real show-stoppers, you’re sure to be impressed by what’s on offer at Santorini vineyards.

santorini dinner with local wine

The Most Famous Santorini Wines

Although even a total wine novice is welcome to visit Santorini’s wineries, it can help to have some basic knowledge to get you started.

Santorini offers both unique grapes, as well as wine varieties. Blends are popular on Santorini, so it’s common for multiple grapes to be used to create one variety.

The Grapes of Santorini

As well as the unique climate and terroir of Santorini, the island also enjoys several unique grape varieties. These form the basis of Santorini’s top wine varieties and are a must-try while on the island.

Assyrtiko (White)

Grapes in the sun of Santorini

The most famous grape grown on Santorini is Assyrtiko. You simply cannot write about (or visit) Santorini wineries without mentioning it. The grape is indigenous to the island and has been growing for centuries. Although it can be found on other islands, such as Paros, it’s most abundant on Santorini – and it features higher acidity. This means the best Assyrtiko wine is in Santorini, according to those in the know. It’s my favorite and I’ve been able to find it many other countries now that I know what to look for!

The other famous white varieties you’ll find in the wineries of Santorini are Athiri and Aidani.

The eruption was so great it is recorded in Ancient Egyptian writings and sediment from Santorini has been found in lakes in Turkey!

Mavrotragano (Red)

While Santorini’s white wine is generally more well-known than its reds, there are a couple of renown red varieties. One of these is Mavrotragano, a grape variety that came perilously close to extinction as much of it was ripped up to plant more Assyrtiko! Luckily, it survived – offering an interesting option for red lovers, with fruit-forward characteristics somewhat like Nebbiolo.

Another popular red variety is Mandilaria.

Santorini wine varieties

While many different varietals are produced in Santorini’s wineries, there are a few that are considered particularly special and characteristic of the island’s viticulture. You simply can’t enjoy a Santorini wine tour without tasting these wines.

Spiral vine in Santorini, Greece


This common wine variety is best known for its unique production method – the grapes are picked by hand! Its name comes from the Greek word for night, as it’s such an important part of the process – although nowadays some wineries do harvest by day. Nykteri must be at least 75% Assyrtiko and it is a very dry white.


Baskets with stalks in Santorini winery vineyard

If you prefer your white wine sweet then Santorini will certainly spoil you. Another of the region’s famous varieties is Vinsanto, which is usually served as a dessert wine. Made up of at least 49% Assyrtiko and aged for a minimum of two years, it is a very sweet and fruity variety. It is believed to have been produced on Santorini for centuries, meaning Vinsanto wine is a must-try during any wine tour.

For a unique blend to try at Santorini’s wineries, you have Brusco. This variety is a blend of both red and white grapes – usually Assyrtiko (of course), Mandelieria and Mavrotragano. It has a high alcohol content – up to 16% – and with a name that translates in Italian to ‘rough’, you might want to brace yourself for this one!

Santorini Grapes drying on the field.

The Best Santorini Wineries to Visit

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to the wine of Santorini, it’s on to the most important part – where can you taste Santorini wine? While it’s on offer at nearly every café, bar and restaurant, there’s nothing better than visiting the producers themselves. The Santorini Map of Wineries below shows the location of the most prominent wineries:

Santorini Greece Map of Wineries

Santo Winery Santorini 

If you ask around the island about which is the best winery in Santorini, you are sure to hear Santo Wines (or Santos Wines) mentioned. It’s one of the island’s most iconic wineries, with their exceptional wine enjoyed all over Greece and abroad. It’s an excellent introduction to the wine of Santorini, and one of the best tasting experiences.

Things are very polished at this winery, with offerings including wine tasting (of course), a restaurant and a gift shop. There are several different tasting experiences available, depending on your preferences (and how much wine you want to consume).

You’ll find all of this perched atop an amazing hilltop location, enjoying jaw-dropping views over the caldera. Of course, you’ll want to draw your eyes away to enjoy the fabulous tasting and winery tour! The caldera views are the reason for many travelers to choose a particular winery when their time on the island is short. The only other winery with caldera views is Venetsanos winery. If you are planning a Santorini winery wedding, Sant0 and Venetsanos offer the views and the vineyards!

Venetsanos Winery Santorini 

Another of the most popular wineries on Santorini, Venetsanos Winery is polished and glamorous, yet also charming and offbeat. From your first glance at its unique, architecturally-designed cellar door, Venetsanos is sure to delight.

Originally opened in 1947 by the Venetsanos family, this winery has grown to be one of the most well-known and well-respected Santorini wineries. It’s well known for its selection of red, white and rose wines – which are all exceptional, and exported worldwide. As well as your typical blends, you’ll also find 100% Assyrtiko and Mandilaria on offer.

There’s no doubt that the wine of Venetsanos Winery can make a big statement on its own; however, it’s even more unforgettable when enjoyed on the aptly-named Sunset Terrace. There are few better places to enjoy a delicious krasi (wine) than here, soaking in incredible panoramas and perhaps that famous Santorini sunset.

Estate Argyros Winery Santorini 

If you are looking for a charming and family-run Santorini winery, then you’d best head to Estate Argyros. The winery first opened in 1903. More than a century later, it remains in the hands of the same family and devoted to the same principles of creating excellent wine offered with genuine hospitality.

The beautiful winery offers the opportunity to try a variety of Santorini wines, crafted from some of the island’s oldest vines. As well as a standard tasting, there is also a food and wine pairing that also allows you to sample some of the region’s fabulous products as well.

While Estate Argyros may not be as large as Santo Wines, it’s an utterly charming place that still keeps the feel of a family-run winery. It’s certainly a worthy addition to your Santorini wine tour itinerary.

Art Space Santorini Winery

Who says that wine needs to be stuffy and boring? Certainly not Art Space Santorini. As the name suggests, it’s an offbeat mixture of art and wine – and what a great mixture that is.

This Santorini winery’s production is on the modest side however it is easily one of the most memorable of the wineries on the island. As well as sampling the selection of the wines of Santorini on offer, you can also browse more than 200 works of art by Greek and international artists. An extra highlight is being guided by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable owner of the winery-come-gallery.

That alone would be more than enough to make Art Space Santorini an intriguing stop, however, there is also a museum devoted to tools used in historic wine production. Plus, all of this is within a traditional building in a cave cut out of the earth. Definitely a unique experience wine tasting in Santorini.

Gaia Winery Santorini

Hidden behind the bright blue door and white stone walls, Gaia Winery is an absolute gem. It boasts all the charm and exquisite wine you’d expect from a top vineyard in Santorini, with a few unique touches to boot. Most notably, Gaia Winery is the place to visit to taste a wine made totally from Santorini’s most famous grape, Assyrtiko.

As mentioned early, Assyrtiko is generally blended with other grapes to produce blends such as Nykteri. At Gaia, however, they produce a wine that is 100% Assyrtiko, allowing you to truly understand and appreciate the complex flavors of this grape.

That’s not the only unique claim to fame of this Santorini winery. They’re also well-known for producing ‘submerged wine’, which is aged under the sea. While it might sound like a bit of a gimmick, the wine here is exquisite – as evidenced by the huge prices it fetches every year at auction. So, if you’re looking to try some truly unique wine in Santorini – this is a great option.

Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum Santorini

Wine tours in Santorini don’t come much more informative than a tasting at Koutsoyannopoulos Winery, which is also a museum. As soon as you enter this underground wine paradise, you are sure to feel the passion and enthusiasm which the Koutsoyannopoulos family has for wine production.

It took more than two decades for the family to meticulously put together the museum, which is located in a cave some eight meters below ground. Covering over 300 meters, the museum is devoted to wine production since 1660. Here, you’ll find artifacts and information on topics including machinery, tools, and snippets, as well as learn the cultural significance of wine in Santorini.

Plus, since all that learning is likely to see you work up a thirst – you’ll also have a chance to try some of the wines that are produced in-house. As a fourth-generation winemaking family, their offerings are exquisite.

Gavalas Winery Santorini

Although there are many glamorous wineries on Santorini, there is also a selection that remains modest family operations. One of these in Gavalas and that is what makes it such an incredibly charming place to visit.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the charming and traditional beauty of Gavalas’ cellar door – and that’s before you’ve even sipped their wine! Once you do, you’re sure to be even more impressed – they offer a small but exceptional range of reds and whites.

As Gavalas doesn’t receive as many visitors as larger wineries (perhaps as it is a bit more out-of-the-way), you’re likely to have additional time and some personalized attention here. So, if you’d rather rustic charm than contemporary glamour, be sure to add this to your list of must-visit wineries in Santorini, Greece.

Domaine Sigalas Winery Santorini

Internationally acclaimed Domaine Sigalas Winery is one for the oenophiles and foodies. It’s one of Santorini’s most respected vineyards, with their wines scoring high ratings from international wine critics such as Robert Parker.

Despite their impressive credentials, this winery does not rest on the strength of its wine alone. It also offers a range of interesting tours that go beyond your regular wine tasting. This includes an incredible seven-course degustation menu and wine pairing, as well as a unique ‘dining in the bronze age’ experience.

If you are looking to enjoy fabulous wine and perhaps a unique experience to boot, then Domaine Sigalas should certainly be on your Santorini wine itinerary. One advantage of this winery is that it is in the far north of the island, making it easily accessible from Oia.

Artemis Karamelegos Winery Santorini

To see the way that premier Santorini wineries have blended traditional approaches and modern technology, a visit to Artemis Karamelegos Winery is a treat. From humble beginnings (owner Artemis was inspired by watching his grandfather make wine in the 1950s), it has grown to be at the cutting edge of Santorini wine production.

By embracing the latest technology and winemaking trends, Artemis Karamelegos has pushed his winery to worldwide acclaim. His various reds and whites – including the ever famous Assyrtiko Greek white wine – has been widely awarded at domestic and international wine shows.

While his methods and much of the architecture is sleek and modern, at its heart this winery stems from an authentic love of wine. This is something that shines through throughout the tasting experience, making it one of the best Santorini wineries to visit.

Vassaltis Winery Santorini

It may be one of the newest wineries on Santorini (first opened in 2015), but Vassaltis Winery has wasted no time in establishing itself. With a team of young and enthusiastic owners and winemakers at the helm, it’s not afraid to challenge the status quo and do things differently.

While the youthful energy can be felt throughout the tasting experience at Vassaltis, there are plenty of nods to traditional Santorini charm as well. The whitewashed stone exterior blends beautifully with the surroundings, and the passion for wine and food fits right in on the island.

As well as a traditional tasting of their reds and whites, Vassaltis Winery also offers a brilliant restaurant. Here, the food is paired with the wine (rather than vice versa), allowing the flavors in the delicious food to bring out the very best of the Vassaltis wine. This new winery is close to Fira and the clifftop towns along the caldera and so, like Domaine Sigalas winery, it is convenient to visit from Oia, Fira, Firestofani, and Imerovigli.

Boutari Winery Santorini

Don’t let Boutari Winery’s unique, almost extra-terrestrial appearance fool you. This Santorini winery is a staple, with a winemaking history that dates back from 1879 – although they only arrived in Santorini in the 1980s. Borrowing winemaking practices from all over Greece and abroad, they were quite the breath of fresh air when they arrived and started offering the first Santorini winery tours.

Today, Boutari Winery remains one of the most popular places for wine tours in Santorini. Their large amphitheater hosts educational talks and events, while plenty of delicious wine is served up over the cellar’s bar.

Boutari Winery also offers a restaurant that serves up a range of delicious meals – that all go perfectly with the wine, of course. You can drop into the winery, however, it’s recommended that you make a booking to avoid any disappointment. It is close to the excellent Santo, Venetsanos and Gavalas wineries on, or near, the clifftop edge overlooking the caldera and so it is worth adding to a day visiting this cluster of wineries.

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The Best Santorini Wine, Winery and Wine Tasting Santorini Tours

Although it is possible to independently visit the wineries in Santorini (just book ahead), I recommend going on an organized tour. This way, you’ll easily be able to visit several wineries in a day, without anybody worrying about driving. Drink driving is, of course, illegal and I want you to have an incredible time at this bucket-list destination, so a tour solves the problem. In addition, the best wine tours often give you extra, additional privileges that you might miss out on if visiting independently.

It is possible to walk between some of the best wineries, but it is not scenic and is away from the caldera. If you are staying in a village, such as Megalochori, visiting the local winery as part of your wanderings through the village, is a must.

Chapel in Santorini vineyard

Here are some of the top Santorini winery and wine tasting tours. Do note that they get particularly busy June, July, August and September, so it’s highly recommended to book as early as possible to avoid any disappointment. Wine tours fill up the fastest of all the kinds of tours on Santorini as the wineries can only service a certain number of guests at one time and many tourists wish to end the day at a winery overlooking the caldera, making places sometimes difficult to book. Once you’ve decided where to stay in Santorini, I suggest you book a wine tour. Sailing cruises can be booked closer to the date you wish to sail.

If you are visiting Santorini outside the summer months, I include the email address for all of the wineries in the Links and Further Information section, below. It’s worth shooting them an email with your preferred day to visit – they will sometimes open up just for you! Each year, as more people choose to have holidays in Santorini, some wineries seem to extend their opening dates a little. There have even been new wineries opened and planned.

There are two main kinds of Tours that I categorize as Winery Tours and Wine Tasting Tours:

  • Best Winery Tours: These are concerned with visiting several wineries and tasting at least 8 varieties. I list all the reputable and worthwhile tours here as they sell out more quickly than other tours on Santorini, such as sailing cruises.
  • Best Wine Tasting Tours: These involve “wine tasting.” This means that the tour will visit one winery, and sometimes two. Other activities occur as part of the tour such as sightseeing, sailing, or e-biking. If you wish to combine a winery with other things to do in Santorini because your time is short, then these tours will fit the bill.

The only exception to my classification system is that viewing the “Santorini sunset” seems to pop up in almost every tour on this island!

The 12 Best Santorini Winery Tours

Santorini Day Tours Private Wine Tour

This private wine tour is ideal for the wine enthusiast looking to take a deep dive into the viticulture of Santorini. Led by a qualified sommelier, you will have the opportunity to sample 12 different wines, guiding your tastebuds through the best of Santorini’s wine. As a private tour, this can be tailored to your preferences, and you’ll also enjoy a personal guided tour through each of the cellars visited. An incredible experience for any wine lover looking for an unforgettable Santorini wine tour experience.

Key Facts:

  • Cruise Ship Passengers can be picked up at the top of the cable car in Oia and pickups also available from the airport and from your accommodation.
  •  Visit 3 wineries, taste 12 varieties of wine paired with Santorini cheese, olives and snacks
  • Led by a sommelier and includes admission and wine tasting charges, enter through a private “skip the line” entrance
  • Limited to 6 people (extra in a group pay US$100)
  • Watch the sunset from the final winery
  •  A perfectly reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: 4-Hour Sunset Wine Tour

Beginning as the sun begins to set, this tour covers 3 wineries, 9 varieties of wine and finishes the evening at Venetsanos Winery, one of the two Santorini wineries with caldera views. See where the wine is grown, bottled and cellared, and all in 4 hours!

Key Facts:

  • Cruise Ship Passengers can be picked up at the cruise port and from all Santorini accommodation.
  • Visit Boutari or Estate Argyros wineries and then Venetsanos Winery, taste 9 varieties of wine and cheese, and snacks
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  • Small group tour beginning at 4pm (May-September)
  • Watch the sunset from Venetsanos winery
  • A well-reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini Wine Roads: Tour of 3 Wineries with a Sommelier

A 4-hour and semi-private tour that is accompanied by sommelier Vaios Panagiotoulas. You learn about the kouloura method of growing grapes on Santorini that protect them from the winds and sun that are both very strong on this Cycladic island! It comes with an information booklet and a wine certificate.

Key Facts:

  • Return transfers from your accommodation (within the tour route from Fira to Oia).
  • Visit 3 wineries. Wine paired with Cycladic cheese, and local snacks
  • Led by a sommelier (Vaios Panagiotoulas). Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  •  Limited to 10 people
  • A highly-reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini Half-Day Wine Adventure Tour

One of the most popular and well-respected Santorini wine tour operators, their half-day tour is a real highlight. Despite their popularity, owner Dimitris Papadopoulos thrives on ensuring every guest has a personalized and unforgettable experience. By visiting three different wineries, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wine of Santorini, as well as compare several different producers.

Key Facts:

  • Cruise Ship Passengers can be picked up at the top of the cable car in Oia and pickups are from all Santorini accommodation.
  • Visit 2 or 3 wineries, taste up to 12 varieties (from Santorini and Greece) of wine served with local cheese and snacks
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  • 4. 5 hours, Limited to 8 people
  • Watch the sunset from the final winery
  • A perfectly reviewed tour that sells out very fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Private Group Visit to Akrotiri & 3 Wineries with Tastings

This private tour is for groups of “up to” two and has a maximum of 4 on any tour and so it is a perfect romantic and honeymoon activity! I include this tour in the section on “Winery Tours” because it visits 3 wineries. It takes 5 hours and so if you are short on time this tour allows you to get a great understanding (and 12 tastings) of Santorini (and Greek) wines as well as visiting one of Santorini’s must-see attractions, Ancient Akrotiri. The tour is customizable.

Key Facts:

  • Cruise Ship Passengers can be picked up at the top of the cable car in Oia and pickups also available from the airport, Athinios port, and from your accommodation.
  • Visit 3 wineries, taste 12 varieties
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges. Admission to Ancient Akrotiri Santorini is extra.
  • A perfectly-reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: The Wine Sip Tour with Sunset Viewing in Oia

What is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious Santorini wine? A dazzling Santorini sunset, of course! Luckily, this is the specialty of Santorini Getaways Travel & Tourism, a registered tourism operator that specializes in small group wine tours. With this tour, you’ll be able to enjoy three fabulous wineries, as well as the sunset. With a maximum group size of 15, each guest enjoys personal attention as well as the opportunity to meet some fellow Santorini wine enthusiasts.

Key Facts:

  • Pickups are also available from your accommodation.
  • Visit Venetsanos Winery and the Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum, tasting 8 varieties of wine paired with Santorini cheese, olives and snacks
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  • Limited to 15 people
  • Watch the sunset from the Oia and Sun Spirit Bar
  • A well-reviewed tour, especially the tour host, Joanna.

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: 5-Hour Theraian Winery & Sunset Private Tour

This private tour (requires 2 people) is designed and curated by a sommelier. It is a 5-hour tour of two wineries and it concludes on a clifftop at Oia, watching the sunset. Another great tour activity with perfect reviews for couples and honeymooners.

Key Facts:

  • Return transfers from your accommodation.
  •  Visit 2 wineries, taste 8 varieties of wine
  • Led by a sommelier and includes admission and wine tasting charges, enter through a private “skip the line” entrance
  • Watch the sunset from the Oia clifftop
  • A perfectly-reviewed tour

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: Guided Winery Tour

This well-reviewed tour sells out quickly, in part because it is only of 3-hours duration and so is the best winery tour for Cruise Ship passengers and other travelers with a limited schedule. It manages to pack in 45 minutes at each of 3 wineries.

Key Facts:

  • Return pickups from meeting points in Fira and Kamari.
  • Visit 3 wineries: Roussos Winery, Venetsanos Winery, and Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum.
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  • A well-reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: Wine Tasting Tour & Sunset Viewing

This tour allows you to visit 3 wineries and taste 12-15 different varieties before viewing the sunset at the final winery on your tour. With a maximum of 15 people on this four-hour tour (plus up to an hour for transfers). This a well well-reviewed tour and I love it because it is one of the few tours that end at one of the two ‘wineries that have caldera views. This means you can watch the sunset over the volcano while sipping wine – another perfect ending to another perfect day on Santorini!

Key Facts:

  • Cruise Ship Passengers can be picked up at the top of the cable car in Oia and pickups also available from the airport and from all hotels.
  • Visit 3 wineries, taste 12-15 varieties of wine on this 4-hour tour
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  • Limited to 15 people
  • Watch the sunset over the caldera from the final ‘volcano’ winery
  •  A highly reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: 4-Hour Small-Group Wine Tasting Tour

A perfectly-reviewed tour of three wineries that sells out fast. The transfers to and from your location are customizable which is great if you are coming from a Cruise ship, or heading to the airport, for example. There are 12 wine tastings and a maximum of 12 people on this tour to some of the most renown wineries in Santorini.

Key Facts:

  • Customizable transfers to and from your location.
  • Visit 3 wineries: Agyros Estate to Art Space Winery, then the Koutsoyannoupoulos Wine Museum and Winery, and then Venetsanos or Gavalas Estate Winery.
  • Taste 12 varieties of wine paired with Santorini cheese and olives.
  • Includes admission and wine tasting charges
  • Limited to 12 people
  • A perfectly-reviewed tour that sells out fast

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

grapevines on Santorini island

The Best Santorini Wine Tasting Tours


Santorini Tour: Catamaran Cruise, Winery Visit & Oia Sunset

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here


Santorini Small-Group Tour with Wine Tasting & Food Pairing

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Discover Santorini: Prehistoric Akrotiri & Winery Tour

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

North Santorini: Private Tour with Oia Sunset & Wine Tasting

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

5-Hour Santorini Tour with Wine Tasting

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini Highlights Tour with Wine Tastings

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here


Santorini: Sunset and Wine Tasting Tour by Electric Bike

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

Santorini: ATV/Quad Bike Sunset Tour and Wine Tasting

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here


Private Wine Tasting and Photography Expedition

Check Prices, Reviews, and Availability here

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  • Contact the wineries above if you are visiting outside June, July, August or September to ensure they will be open. Here is the contact information:

Santo Winery + 30 2286022596 | 

Venetsanos Winery + 30 2286021100 |

Estate Agyros Winery + 30 2286031489 |

Art Space Santorini Winery + 30 2286032774 |

Gaia Wines Winery + 30 2286034186 |

Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum + 30 2286031322 |

Gavalos Winery + 30 2286082552 |

Domaine Sigalas Winery + 30 2286071644 |

Canava Argyros Avantis Winery + 30 2286023140 |

Boutari Winery + 30 2286081011 |

Hatzidakis Winery + 30 6981107180 |

Canava Roussos Winery + 30 2286031349 |

Artemis Karamolegos Winery + 30 2286033395 |

Vassaltis Winery + 30 2286022211 |

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