A cultural bingefest - Canberra is home to national museums, galleries, libraries, archives and more

An Introduction to Canberra

Canberra is one of a handful of capital cities around the world that were planned from their inception as a national capital. 

Planning a city is a tricky exercise and it didn’t work for Canberra. It was designed by the brilliant Walter and Margaret Burley Griffin. The Second World War and its economic aftermath meant that the grander (and more liveable) aspects of their design never made it off the drawing board. 

A river was dammed to create Lake Burley Griffin and the city houses most of Australian’s public service. For many years planning was restricted in central Canberra and this central parliamentary zone is where you will find the nation’s galleries, museums, libraries and archives. 

From the Australian War Museum, to the National Gallery of Australia, to the National Library, it’s worth spending a few days here to understand Australia and to appreciate the richness of the cultures and people who have contributed to this modern nation.

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