United Kingdom

Introduction to England


Separated from continental Europe by the North Sea and the English Channel, this proud nation shares borders with Wales and Scotland. It is the largest country in the British Isles.

Hilly upland areas with lakes and moors in the north give way to lowland plains and sea cliffs to the south.


Inhabited since Paleolithic times and occupied by various tribes, unification of England occurred in the 10th century under a feudal system, including Wales in 1537. 


By the 15th century, England was a global powerhouse of discovery and invention. England created an Empire that spanned the world and was known as the Commonwealth. 

England has given the world the English language, English law and Anglicanism and its Industrial Revolution created the world’s first industrialized nation.

A history of Kings and Queens, wars, and a difficult victory in World War II has created a once-again prosperous nation unmoored from European political and financial systems. 


Local language variations can occur between valleys in this lingustically rich nation that has given the world some its most powerful literature.

An entrenched class system lingers from feudal times with reverence for its constitutional monarch enduring even as the country becomes home to a globalised population of immigrants.

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