Do You Know Where to Find Halal Greek Food in Greece?

Do you know where to find halal Greek food in Greece? Well here’s a comprehensive guide to finding Halal Greek food in the main cities and islands of Greece discover the restaurants serving halal food as well as the great dishes of Greek cuisine that are halal. There are an enormous number of Halal food options available in Greece outside of the few Halal restaurants, and this guide has them all covered.

Before you go: tips for finding Halal Greek Food in Greece

Halal restaurants in Greece are few and far between and in general, Halal meat in Greece is not easy to find. Halal options are newcomers to the Greek gastronomic offer, so many smaller areas will still not have Halal.

Typical Greek breakfast - yogurt with nuts fruits and honey
Typical Greek breakfast – yogurt with nuts fruits and honey

Greece has a diverse Muslim minority, from Turkish ethnic groups in the Thrace region to many Muslim migrants from both Asia and Africa who now call Greece home.

They are bringing with them their culinary backgrounds and some of them are establishing Halal restaurants.

But regardless of the scarce Halal possibilities, Greece has one of the best cuisines in the world.

It is a cornerstone of the famous Mediterranean diet and based on a vast variety of fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, and nuts, you will find plenty of options to enjoy even if no Halal is available.

Laiki Agora in Athens, Greece
Laiki Agora (Market) in Athens, Greece

Greek taverna staff are super friendly and are happy to go the extra mile for you. If they can meet your requests, be sure they will, so don’t be timid to ask anything.

The same goes for the famous colorful Greek farmers markets (Laiki Agora in Greek), where everyone goes for the freshest of the local produce – whether it’s fish, seafood, or vegetables and fruits.

Buying fresh halal meat in Greece is not common yet. 

Greece is obviously working its way towards offering a better array of Halal food. Luckily, vegan food is always halal (assuming it doesn’t contain alcohol), and there is a plentiful amount of vegan food on offer in Greek restaurants.

Where to find halal food in Greece – a regional guide

Each year, more and more halal restaurants and other eateries pop up all over Greece. Here’s a small selection to get you started:

Halal food in the Athens area

You’ll find that many small restaurants and fast food joints around Vathy Square in Athens (exact address is 1 Liosion str.) prepare meat that is halal. One of the most famous is Restaurant and Halal Ibrahim.  Also, try:

  • Green Kebab – a Halal kebab place at 81 Ioulianou str.
  • Sara Kurdish Restaurant (Halal), 39 Deligiorgi str.
  • Makkah Restaurant (Halal) – Pakistani restaurant in downtown Athens. 15 Anaxagora str.
  • Bismillah Halal indian Restaurant – 51 Menandrou str.
  • Taj Mahal Tandoori Halal Restaurant – 49 Ag. Panton str.
  • Cappadocia Grill Cafe –  15 Leof. El. Venizelou, Kallithea
  • Aladdin’s Restaurant – 88, Areos 84, Paleo Faliro
  • Halal Big Brother – Online Delivery – BOX, 274 Ἀcharnon str.

Halal food in the Thessaloniki area

Greece’s second-largest city Thessaloniki is a gastronomic gem of the north, also offering several halal food options:

  • Middle East restaurant – 3 Kristalli str.
  • Mengal food – 10 Klisouras str.
  • Hayat little Istanbul – a beautiful downtown place at 23 Paleon patron Germanou str.
  • Ya habibi restaurant – 120 Egnatia str.
  • Nargis – Indian place at 18 Captain Patriki str.

Halal food on Mykonos Island

Restaurant in Mykonas Town, Mykonos Island, Greece
Restaurant in Mykonos Town, Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos is known for its windmills, wild party culture, and scenery, but not for its food, and halal options are very scarce.

  • Indian Palace – yep, only 1 so far that I can find

Halal food on Santorini Island

Halal options are popping up on Santorini every few months now that the island has recovered from the pandemic. Most of the halal options are in the capital of Santorini, Fira.

Vegetarian Pasta and Greek Salad, Santorini, Greece
Vegetarian Pasta and Greek Salad, Santorini, Greece
  • Nick the Grill (Fira)
  • Mike Grill House (Mesaria)
  • Jaipur Palace (Fira)
  • Taverna El Greco (Fira)
  • Momo Indian & Thai Restaurant (Fira)

Halal food on Corfu Island

Given the number of Brits who call Corfu home each summer, I’m surprised there aren’t more halal options on Corfu Island yet.

  • Red Chilli Indian Restaurant (Gouvia)
  • The Tandoori Bites (Corfu Town)

Halal food on Crete Island

There are a few options in the largest towns of Heraklion, Chania, and Rethymno, but dedicated halal restaurants and tavernas are still few and far between.

Vegetarian Pasta and Greek Salad Santorini Greece
Cretan cheese and vegetable-stuffed pepper, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Curry Park (Heraklion)
  • Αραβικό εστιατόριο snack halal (Heraklion)
  • Namaste (Chania) – the chicken is halal
  • Falafel House Arabian Restaurant (Chania)
  • Alberto’s Restaurant (Rethymno)
  • Punjab Indian&Greek restaurant (Rethymno)

Halal food on Rhodes Island

I’m sure there must be halal restaurants in major centers on Rhodes like Lindos, but so far, I have only spotted this handful in and around Rhodes Town.

  • Mezza Lebanese Cuisine Rhodes (Rhodes Town)
  • Zaytouna Restaurant (Lebanese) (Rhodes Town)
  • SAFFRON Indian and Iranian-Persian Restaurant (Rhodes Town)
  • Afroditi Venus (Rhodes Town)
  • Ouzo (Rhodes Town)

What to eat when no Halal options are available

Greece is a country with lengthy periods of fasting during the year, weeks when people do not eat meat, so plenty of vegetarian, fish, and cheese options have been devised in the traditional cuisine that works for Muslims too.  

Fish and the seafood

The best food in Greece, in general, is the fresh catch of the day for dinner. You usually pick and choose the piece for yourself that is then prepared for you a-la-minute. 

Midday Snack on the beach of griled prawns/shrimp and fries, Koufonisia island, Greece
Midday Snack on the Beach, Koufonisia Island, Greece

Greece is super famous for its varied seafood dishes, but calamari tops every list. Fried, grilled, or as a salad, Greek calamari usually comes frozen, but delicious!

One of the staple Greek summer combinations is fried calamari rings, French fries, and a salad. Grilled shrimp/prawns are also fantastic and taste delicious!


Greeks love tapas-style appetizers, where everything is shared from the center of the table. It’s not unusual in Greek cuisine for whole meals to be made only of appetizers.

Plate of Tsatsiki dip, Greece
Tsatsiki dip, Greece

Spreads play a huge role in this and put on the pita bread, they are delicious. Three of the best are:

  • Tsatsiki – a garlic yogurt and dill-based dip is so refreshing!
  • Kopanisti (tyrokafteri) – Greek soft cheese with chili peppers.
  • Melitsanosalata – a mayo aubergine garlic spread, fantastic!  

Greek pies

The best pies I’ve ever had are Greek pies. They make the dough so crunchy and the fillings moist and tender.

  • Spanakopita – the king of the Greek pies is the spinach pie, which can also come with cheese too. It is popular both as a breakfast option as well as a lunch appetizer or even a whole meal.
  • Tyropita – cheese pie
  • Kaseropita – hard (yellow) cheese pie, usually eaten for breakfast.
  • Bougatsa – thin-filo pies filled with white cheese or meat or custard (sweet). Coupled with Greek coffee makes for the best local breakfast ever.

Greek cooked/baked dishes – ladera

  • Casserole-cooked or oven-baked dishes are usually veggies-based and drenched in healthy olive oil. These dishes are eaten for lunch with feta cheese and Greek salad.
  • Briam – a vegetable mix baked with herbs and olive oil
Papoutsakia (Baked Aubergine) and Saganaki Cheese, Naxos Island, Greece
Papoutsakia (Baked Aubergine) and Saganaki Cheese, Naxos Island, Greece
  • Fasolada – a bean stew
  • Papoutsakia – baked stuffed aubergine halves
  • Gemista – rice-stuffed baked bell peppers (ask for the stuffing to be without the minced meat). I will never be able to eat enough of these!
  • Spanakorizo – the simplest of all Greek dishes, a pure delight consisting of nothing more than rice and spinach stewed together. Just perfect for my taste as a light lunch option.

Greek cheese

Famous for their dairy products and like many other European countries, Greeks love their cheese and yogurt. There are local cheese varieties, but the best-known Greek cheeses are:

  • Feta – hard white cheese that is eaten with everything
  • Mysithra – sheep or goat’s milk whey cheese
  • Graviera – hard yellow cheese

All sorts of appetizers and salads

The best companion to one of the spreads is the appetizers:

  • Kolokithokeftedes – mashed zucchini and cheese fritters
  • Dolmadakia – the Greek version of rice-vine leaves. The best!
  • Greek salad – her majesty the salad of the summer – rough cuts of tomato, cucumber, onion with olives, a mixture of herbs, and a chunk of feta, topped with olive oil.
A typical selection of Greek midday appetizers in Greece
A typical selection of Greek midday appetizers in Greece

You will see that the Greek taverna is a world of its own, especially when in a special beautiful position – next to the sea or deep in the mountains.

Slow cooking and eating are complemented by savoring the specialties without rush and always in the good company of friends.

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