17 Best Things to Do in Naoussa Paros

Here’s a guide to the best 17 best things to do in Naoussa Paros. Paros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, part of the Cyclades island group and the entire island is picturesque. Naoussa is the most cosmopolitan town on the island of Paros and whether it’s a day trip or your holiday base, this comprehensive guide to Naoussa Paros has you covered!

Getting From Paros Port and Paros Airport to Naoussa

Like many other Cyclades Greek islands, you can reach Naoussa Paros from Athens by boat or plane. Leaving from either Piraeus or Rafina port, you will be in the port of Parikia in about three to four hours, depending on the route.

Ferry docked at the main port of Paros, Greece
Ferry docked at the main port of Paros, Greece

If you have a rental car, the distance from Parikia to Naousa is only 10 kilometers and there are signs to direct you there in about 15 minutes. The most beautiful village on Paros, Lefkes, is also only 10 km from Naoussa.

Getting around the island by your own steam means trying the rental agencies in the main port or main town of Parikia, (or a few places in Naoussa) or booking ahead of time with Discover Cars to make sure there’s a vehicle available for you at prices that won’t make your eyes water.

In Naoussa, you can park in one of the three free large parking areas at the entrance of the village. The car park that was in the center of the town is closed and the Old Town is car-free.

However, car hire is not necessary for your stay in Naoussa, as everything is either within walking distance or accessible by bus or boat.

Another choice is to head to the bus station (next to the Parikia ferry port) and take the next one to Naoussa, as there have frequent connections. You can buy your tickets at the vending machine or from the bus driver for €1,80.

You can also buy a daily bus ticket that costs €10 and you can use it for as many bus rides as you want within the day. Lastly, if you prefer a taxi will take you to Naoussa for about €15.

If you fly from Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, you will reach Paros National Airport in 40 minutes.

Parikia to Naoussa by taxi costs approximately €25.

Why choose Naoussa?

Naoussa is a fishing village in the northeastern part of the island whose harbor was defended from pirates by a Venetian castle. Beyond the souvenir shops are a series of alleyways that could possibly be the prettiest part of the Greek Islands! Here’s what to see.

1. Traditional architecture and stone-paved alleys

The traditional architecture and the authentic character of Naoussa are maintained despite the massive tourism boom that has occurred in this quaint fishing village. It will take just a short walk to Naoussa harbor at sunset to feel the magic of this place.

Back street of Naoussa, Paros Island, Greece
Back street of Naoussa, Paros Island, Greece

Whitewashed houses full of flowers with blue windows, fishing boats, and colorful restaurants with tables just a few meters from the water with amazing sea views make the old harbor an ideal place to start exploring Naoussa.

As you walk from the seaside pavement to the narrow stone-paved alleys and back streets of the village, you will discover why Naoussa is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades (even as beautiful as Santorini!).

2. Naoussa Marina

The village has the biggest fishing boat fleet in the Cyclades and the Naoussa marina is filled with pleasure craft.

Naoussa Marina, Paros, Greece
Naoussa Marina, Paros, Greece

From small fishing boats to large yachts, all types can be found in the marina. There are sections for tour boats for day trips, water taxis, and caiques that connect Naoussa with many beaches, start their journey here.

The whole waterfront area is packed with outdoor tables from the bars and restaurants and at night and until the wee hours of the morning, you can find people drinking and relaxing.

3. The Kastelli of Paros

At the edge of the village stands a small Venetian fortress, the Kastelli of Paros, built in the fifteenth century to defend the harbor.

Trip Anthropologist
Kastelli of Naoussa Paros

The view of the castle at night along with the various boats and the sea creates a scenic picture.

Although the Venetian castle is half sunken, a walk in the ruins during the daytime will take you back to the time the Venetians ruled the island and the view is great for taking photographs.

The visit is free and a stone path leads to the castle. The path can be slippery – be careful especially when the water is high.

4. Church of Saint Nikolaos

Next to the castle, the Church of Saint Nikolaos, protector of fishermen and naval officers is also worth a visit.

Agios Nikolaos, Naoussa, Paros
Agios Nikolaos, Naoussa, Paros

The small church is built at the entrance of the harbor and many small boats are moored in front of the church. The facade is minimal following the traditional Cycladic architecture and the elaborate belfry is made of marble. It’s impossibly scenic!

5. Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

At the highest point of the village, you will reach a beautiful church, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary rising above Naoussa, Paros
Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary rising above Naoussa, Paros

The church is built on the east hill and has great views of the Aegean sea.

The first church was built in the 17th century but was later demolished and a grander one was built in the 19th century.

The highlights are the two belfries and three entrances as well as the carved marble icon screen, the work of the sculptor Dimitrios Lyritis. There are 16 marble stairs leading to the main entrance and an alley with pine trees in front of the church.

6. Eat Naoussa Paros specialties and mountains of seafood

There are countless Naoussa dining options, and in addition to the usual Greek cuisine, you’ll have the chance to try the local specialties.

Octopi drying in the sun at a seafood restaurant beside the port of Naoussa Paros
Octopi drying in the sun at a seafood restaurant beside the port of Naoussa Paros

Gouna is probably the most well-known traditional dish, sun-dried and salted mackerel. In general, the seafood is of high quality, and grilled octopus and kakavia (fish soup) are highlights in every taverna.

Try local dishes that include or are based upon chickpeas and fava as well as dishes made of cheese like Saganaki.

One of my favorite places for food in Naoussa village is Kafenio Palia Agora, offering homemade traditional Greek food at great prices.

Another great alternative is Yemeni Taverna, hidden in the narrow streets of the village. Meat eaters will love this place but great options are also available for vegetarians and vegans.

Fried fish, Naoussa waterfront
Fried fish, Naoussa waterfront

Also, if you take the time to find the secret garden of restaurant Ydroussa you will be rewarded with an amazing meal in a beautiful private courtyard full of trees.

Also, you will have a chance to buy local produce in many shops in the village: cheeses such as myzithra and cream cheese (anthotiro), wine and souma, an alcoholic drink similar to raki.

Also, honey of wonderful quality is produced on Paros and other Cycladic islands. The small amount produced is usually sold out by September. as the production is small and usually all vases are sold out after August.

7. Naoussa Nightlife until Sunrise

Nightlife in Naoussa is very vivid, making the village very popular among young crowds. You will find choices from lounge bars with sea views to nightclubs open until the morning.

Linardo nightclub, Naoussa, Paros
Linardo nightclub, Naoussa, Paros

You can stop for an early evening drink at Fotis All Day Bar. The bar is on the beachfront with great sea views. Coffee, brunch options, and great cocktails at reasonable prices make it one of the best bars in the village.

One of the locals’ favorite spots is Kosmos Cocktail Bar. Their menu includes classic cocktails but also their own specialties.

You can kick on at Linardo, a nightclub with music and dancing until sunrise, in beautiful surroundings next to the sea.

Best beaches, Beach Clubs, and Beach Bars around Naoussa

Beaches and beach bars must surely be one of the best parts of the Greek islands! some of the most beautiful beaches in Paros can be easily reached either by car, by foot or by taking a caique (small boat) or a water taxi from Naoussa marina.

8. Kolimbithres, the best-known Paros beach

One of them you definitely don’t want to miss is Kolimbithres Beach.

Kolimbithres Beach, Naoussa Paros
Kolimbithres Beach, Naoussa Paros

Unique rocky formations, white sand, and crystal-clear blue water will amaze you after only a short trip from Naoussa.

The Beach bar Paros on the Rocks offers food and drinks all day long while you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for an extra cost.

9. Monastiri (or Katholiko Beach) on windy days

Right next to Kolimbithres, you can also visit Monastiri (or Katholiko Beach).

Monastiri beach, Naoussa, Paros
Monastiri beach, Naoussa, Paros

Monastiri Beach is in Paros Park and has clear shallow and calm water and is a great choice for days when the island is windy as it is one of the beaches less affected by the wind.

Monastiri Beach House is an elegant beach bar where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas and taste a variety of dishes and drinks.

However, there is plenty of space on Monastiri beach for those who prefer to sit on the sand in the shadow of the trees (the famous armirikia or Tamarix trees found on the Cycladic islands). Lastly, various water sports are available here.

10. Santa Maria for white sand and water sports

Only two kilometers away from Naoussa, is Santa Maria. Some argue that this is the best beach on the island and the most exotic one, and there are arguments to support it.

Right opposite the island of Naxos, the water is cool and clear, while the sand is white and clean. There are many beach bars and taverns on the shore to choose from and you can also try water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling.

Here you will also find Santa Maria beach bar, one of the best beach bars on the island. The biggest part of the beach offers sun beds and umbrellas, however, along the shore are small coves where you can get the feeling of a private beach area.

These three beaches are the most popular ones in Paros.

Note that the cost for sun beds and umbrellas usually starts at €30 per set (two loungers and one umbrella) and can reach €50 for the first rows.

If you prefer a beach within walking distance from Naoussa, you also have two great choices.

11. Agoi Anargyroi

Agoi Anargyroi Beach, Paros, Greece
Agoi Anargyroi Beach, Paros, Greece

Agoi Anargyroi is a small beach only a 10-minute walk to the east side of the harbor. The beach is sandy with shallow water and there are two hotels in the area that offer sun beds and umbrellas.

12. Piperi

For a quieter option, head to Piperi Beach, in the West part of the village.

Piperi Beach, Naoussa, Paros
Piperi Beach, Naoussa, Paros

Piperi Beach is in Naoussa and the houses are so close to the sea that the water actually touches the walls. There are a few sets of beds and umbrellas available to rent starting from €10 per set.

13. Visit the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros

A short drive from the village you will find the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros. You can get there either by car or by water taxi (take the one to Monastiri Beach).

Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, Greece
Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, Greece

The Environmental and Cultural Park is on an 800-acre peninsula where you can hike, swim, and take part in cultural and environmental activities. Paros Park was founded in 2009 with the primary goal of promoting sustainable tourism in the Aegean Sea.

Inside the Park, there are walking trails, rocky formations, and coves to explore. There is also an outdoor theatre that runs a summer Festival at the Park with concerts and plays and an open-air cinema.

There are three beaches in the park: the main one, Monastiri beach, and two secluded beaches, Perikopetra, and Tourkou Ammos.

14. The Monastery of St. John’s of Deti

In Paros Park, you will also find The Monastery of St. John’s of Deti, with views of Naoussa Bay.

St. John of Deti monastery and exhibition building, Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, Naoussa
St. John of Deti monastery and exhibition building, Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, Naoussa

The name Deti originated from the belief that St. John was able to cure malaria that hit Naoussa residents in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The monastery was built in the 16th century and renovated in 1806. On 29 August each year, the monastery holds its annual celebration. The night before people attend the midnight church service.

15. Wineries and Wine Tasting

The Greek islands have a long history of winemaking and one of my favorite activities in Naoussa is the wine tasting experience at Moraitis Winery.

The winery was founded in 1910 and now the fourth generation of the family owns 10 hectares of land and continues the tradition of wine production with modern means.

It is a chance to taste some great wines and learn about the past, present, and future of wine production in the Cyclades.

16. Summer Festivals

During the summer, festivals take place all over Greece and on Paros island as well.

Festival in the Park, Naoussa Paros
Festival in the Park, Naoussa Paros

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Paros on 23 August, you can attend the Pirate Festival in Naoussa, prompted by Barbarossa’s invasion of Paros in 1537. The village gets very crowded and the party continues until the early morning hours.

Also, on 2 July, Naoussa celebrates the Fish and Wine Festival. Fishermen on their fishing boats fry fish in Naoussa harbour.

They offer the fired fish to festival goers along with local wine and souma. Music and traditional dances accompany the food. This was started by fishermen in the 1970s to attract tourists.

Festival in the Park runs from June to September featuring over 20 events at the Archilocus open-air amphitheater.

Carnival in Naoussa (not to be confused with Carnival in Naoussa, northern Greece) begins on January 17 and if you’re in Greece in winter, this is the place to be!

17. Day Trips to Neighbouring Islands

Island hopping is a lot of fun from Paros because it’s so near other islands in the Cyclades group. Here are the 10 most popular destinations for day-tripping from Paros. Check out Ferry Hopper for single and multi-destination timetables and tickets.

The wide difference in traveling times is because of the larger ferries and the high-speed catamarans. The catamarans can take half the time of the ferries which is essential if you’re taking a day trip.

  • Milos: 1-2 daily departures from June to September with fast ferries. Trip duration 1 hr 30 min to 3 hr 30 min
  • Ios: 4-6 daily departures from June to September with regular and high-speed ferries. Trip duration 3 hours (approx. half time for speed ferries).
  • Mykonos: 8-10 sailings April to October. The journey takes 40 minutes to 1 hr 20 min
  • Naxos: 3 to 7 departures depending on the season. Travel time is about 20 min.
  • Santorini: 4-5 daily itineraries from April to September. The journey takes from 1hr 45 to 4hrs 40 depending upon the type of ferry you choose.
  • Amorgos: 2 dep. with High-speed Ferries and 1 with Regular ones. Travel time 3 hrs
  • Syros: 2 daily departures from May to October. Travel time 1,35 hrs
  • Antiparos: small boats from Parikia and Poudra ports.
  • Kofonisia: 2 sailings per day, 2hrs 35 to 3 hrs 5.
  • Amorgos: 2-3 sailings per day. 3 to 4 hours

Best places to stay in Naoussa Paros

Want to see all the best places to see in Paros? Check out Where to Stay in Paros

Boasting the best hotels on the island of Paros, you are spoilt for luxurious Naoussa hotels and other accommodation options but there are also a few lovely hotels in Naoussa for budget-conscious travelers.

Parilio, a Member of Design Hotels – one of the most beautifully furnished hotels on the island, and a contemporary minimalist exterior and pool area make this a stylish and private retreat. There are only four suites in this boutique luxury hotel at Kolimpythres.

Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort – this property has only perfect reviews and is only 1 kilometer from the center of Naoussa. It’s only 50 meters from the beach and has a swimming pool and hot tub. The infinity pool looks over the sea and some rooms and suites have their own mini-infinity pools in the private courtyards.

Lilly Residence-Sea View Suites, Adults Only – heated private plunge pools, infinity pools, and Spa baths, also a jetted tub (outdoor jacuzzi) in some suites, champagne buffet breakfast beside the pool, dinner, and cocktails at the pool bar, and Hermes accessories in the rooms make this hotel an obvious romantic choice.

Cove Resort – This is my favorite place in Paros – there is a wonderful holiday feeling in the landscaped private gardens and infinity pools, the lighting of the property at night, and just spectacular pool and beach areas. The rooms are lovely, but their private outdoor spaces make them extra special.

For those traveling on a budget, Minoa Hotel is 300 meters from Naoussa Center with rooms overlooking the harbor. Free wifi and parking are available for the hotel guests.

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