Perfect Paphos to Limassol day trip

A day trip to Limassol from Paphos is simple and the most exciting parts of Limassol to explore radiate out from the foreshore. Getting from Paphos to Limassol or from Limassol to Paphos is a fun journey as both coastal districts on the Southwestern coast of Cyprus give travelers plenty of things to do and explore from ancient ruins and monuments to traditional tavernas, old ports and harbors, and excellent hiking trails leading from picturesque villages along the way.

4 Reasons to Travel From Paphos to Limassol (or Limassol to Paphos)

Traveling between Limassol and Paphos, two beautiful coastal districts of Cyprus, is always a great idea and it’s also very easy to achieve.

Photo of Boho restaurant with minaret in the background in Cosmopolitan Limassol, Cyprus
Cosmopolitan Limassol, Cyprus

Here are 4 top reasons to do so:

  • The driving distance between Paphos and Limassol is only 68 kilometers (42 miles) and d so is just under an hour’s travel time by car or public bus. 
  • Limassol is the largest coastal city, and the Paphos district is the third largest in the Republic of Cyprus. It’s a diverse and extremely popular part of Cyprus with a wealth of urban and rural spots to visit between the cities including harbors, sandy beaches, and marinas, as well as picturesque villages, natural trails, and mountains with panoramic views from the center of the island right to the coastline.
  • This diversity gives travelers a large range of places to stay and explore and makes a trip from Paphos to Limassol an obvious day trip or as an interesting part of the most popular Cyprus itineraries that follow the southern coastline of the island.
  • However, the most compelling reason to travel from Paphos to Limassol (or from Larnaka to Limassol) is that there are no flights to Limassol. Travelers must fly to Paphos airport and then take a shuttle bus from the airport or otherwise make their way to Limassol overland.

Getting from Paphos to Limassol and Limassol to Paphos

The driving distance between Paphos and Limassol (from and to the city borders) is approx. 58 kilometers. This translates to around:

  • 40-50 minutes by car (at an average speed of 80-100 km/hour to cover the driving distance mainly on the motorway once you’re out of Paphos) 
  • 55-65 minutes by public transport (there are multiple stops included)
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Major Paphos City roundabout on exit to Motorway

Currently, these are the only two private and public transport options available from Paphos and Limassol. 

Cost of a taxi from Paphos to Limassol: 50-70 euros (depending on the taxi driver and company).

Rental car costs from Paphos to Limassol: approximately 30 euros per day for a small or medium-sized car. You will also be responsible for returning the car with a full fuel tank, so budget an extra 20 euros for petrol. And then, of course, there’s parking…

Whilst car rental is more costly than taking a taxi or bus from Paphos to Limassol, it gives the freedom of stopping wherever you want, and for however long you like.

It’s convenient to pre-book your car rental so that you can drive from Paphos airport to Limassol if that’s your final destination.

Intercity bus cost from Paphos to Limassol

Traveling by intercity bus is the cheapest option as a one-way ticket costs only 4 euros and a return ticket costs 7 euros.

If you plan several trips between Paphos and Limassol by bus, you might want to consider a weekly or monthly ticket at a discount. 

Intercity Buses is the only bus service operating from Paphos to Limassol/Limassol to Paphos. The only downside of traveling by intercity bus is that the bus stop locations are limited and delays are common, so departure times are unreliable.

You can download the Intercity Buses app from the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store

The Paphos – Limassol bus route timetable changes according to the season, but Intercity Buses typically offer a minimum of 8 daily departures from Monday to Friday, and multiple departures during weekends and public holidays.

The last bus leaves at 8 pm. 

Photo of a green Intercity Buses traveling bus from Paphos to Limassol in Cyprus
Intercity Buses bus from Paphos to Limassol

There’s also an airport bus shuttle service/private Limassol bus available for getting between Limassol and Paphos airport (Limassol Airport Express). Shuttle bus tickets currently cost 9 euros per adult and 5 euros per child. The shuttle bus starts at Agios Georgios Havouzas stop in Limassol and ends at Paphos airport. 

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Limassol to Paphos airport for 45-60 euros, or rent a car for 25-40 euros per day. 

Whether you go by taxi or a rental car, book in advance as many taxi and car rental companies offer discounts for early bookings.

Top things to do on a Trip between Paphos & Limassol

If you decide to travel between Paphos and Limassol by car, there are plenty of interesting places and things to do on the way to your destination. These include:

Visiting ancient monuments – The Sanctuary of Aphrodite

There are a serious number of historic landmarks between Paphos and Limassol. The ancient area of Palepaphos close to Kouklia village was one of the primary Kingdoms of Cyprus until 4 B.C. 

A phot of the Ancient mosaic of Leda at the Aphrodite Sanctuary in Kouklia, Cyprus
Ancient mosaic of Leda, Aphrodite Sanctuary, Kouklia, Cyprus

The area hosts a wide range of cultural landmarks worth visiting such as the rocky birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite (Petra Tou Romiou), the Sanctuary of the Goddess Aphrodite, the Roman House of Leda mosaics, the byzantine church of Panagia Katholiki, and the Northeast gate. 

You’ll find most of these historic sites at the Palephos archaeological site at Kouklia. 

Other historic sites you can visit once you reach the Limassol district from Paphos are the Ancient Kourion amphitheater, which hosts cultural events every year, and the Kolossi castle which dates back to the middle ages and is located in Kolossi.

Stopping by a picturesque village

Both Paphos and Limassol districts have a wealth of beautiful villages to visit. Here are 4 to look out for :

Phot of a Fruit and vegetable stall at the weekend Timi Village market, Paphos District, Cyprus
Fruit and vegetable stall at the weekend Timi Village market, Paphos District, Cyprus

Timi village

If you’ve hired a car and are driving from Paphos airport to Limassol, look out for Timi Village.

This is the closest village to Paphos airport that is worth visiting for its two beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, a picnic site with greenery, great fish and meat tavernas, and a weekend local market selling fresh produce, clothes, and accessories. 

Just look at these luscious peaches!

Kouklia village

Kouklia village is located around 15 minutes from Paphos town and around 25 minutes from the Limassol city borders.

Photo of the Panagia Odigitria or Virgin Mary stone church, Kouklia village, Paphos region, Cyprus
Panagia Odigitria or Virgin Mary stone church, Kouklia village, Paphos region, Cyprus

Aside from hosting the ancient monuments of Palaepaphos, it has several traditional tavernas, Mediterranean restaurants, and small art and craft shops. 

Pissouri village

Pissouri is located around 28 minutes from Paphos center and 20 minutes from Limassol city center (by car).

Aerial view of the beach and Pissouri Village, Cyprus
Pissouri Village, Cyprus

A picturesque village with a stunning village square, plenty of options serving good food, a blue flag beach, and magnificent sunsets. 

Episkopi village

Episkopi is a beautiful coastal village located between the northeastern coast of Limassol and the British territories. It is home to the Kouri dam/river, the Kourion Archaeological museum, and the Blue-Flag beach of Kourion.

Visiting A Golf Club

If you are a fan of golf, there are two fairly large golf courses located in Aphrodite hills and Cha Potami area with several residence villas–the Aphrodite Hills Golf Club and Resort and the Secret Valley Golf Course. 

Aerial view of the Aphrodite Hills Golf Course, Cyprus
Aphrodite Hills Golf Course, Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills golf club is located around 20 minutes from Paphos and 32 minutes from Limassol city and features an 18-hole championship golf course, training facilities, and a lush guest area with changing rooms, restaurants, and cafeterias. It won Global Golfcourse of the Year in 2018 and is a PGA-standard course.

The Secret Valley golf course is located near Petra Tou Romiou at Kouklia village and is a stunning 18-hole championship course with lush green vegetation, a golf supply shop, changing rooms, and a great restaurant offering Cypriot dishes with a contemporary twist. 

Both golf clubs host annual competitions and championships for adults and children. For more info, visit their official websites at Aphrodite Hills Golf Club and Secret Valley Golf Resort

Hiking Cyprus 

Despite its small size, Cyprus boasts a diverse and interesting landscape and many hiking trails between Paphos and Limassol. 

Aerial photo of the Waterfall of Prasteio Avdimou on a seasonal river in Cyprus filled with water in the winter months
Waterfall of Prasteio Avdimou on a seasonal river in Cyprus filled with water in the winter months

Exiting the motorway you can stop by these villages which have hiking trails that lead into the surrounding countryside:

Ezousa River Valley

The trail is located in the Paphos district (northeastern area) in Kallepia village and features natural paths, large rocks, good vegetation, bridges, and mountain climbing areas. 

The Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail in Pissouri village

An impressive 5.5-kilometer loop hiking trail that starts from Pissouri and ends at the coast of Petra Tou Romiou.

The Pissouri trail

Another stunning hiking trail in the Pissouri area is the Pissouri trail, which stretches 7.7 kilometers long and offers more than 2 hours of hiking fun. 

The Avdimou Pissouri Cliff

A short yet beautiful linear trail between the area of Pissouri and Avdimou that ends at the Pissouri coast. 

The Kyparissia Peak nature trail near Prastio village

A moderately challenging linear trail that starts from the village Prastio of Limassol and ends at the Foinikaria area. 

Since most of the above hiking trails are moderately difficult and some take more than 2 hours to complete, make sure you wear hiking boots and carry all the necessary equipment, water, and perhaps a snack to get you through the trail. 

Tip: Watch out for snakes in all but wintertime in dry and coastal areas. Having grown up in Australia, I don’t find 1-meter snakes large, but people who see them slithering across dirt roads in Cyprus often freak out! So – wear hiking boots and thick socks when hiking.

Eating a Lot

If you are a foodie with a love for trying local tastes, there are traditional taverns and restaurants serving Cypriot or Mediterranean cuisine between Paphos and Limassol. 

Photo of the entrance and courtyard dining of The Old Stables Tavern, Episkopi Village, Limassol District, Cyprus
The Old Stables Tavern, Episkopi Village, Limassol District, Cyprus

Here are a few to seek out: 

  • Kentrikon Restaurant-Cafe-Pub (KENTPOIKON) in Mandria village, Paphos. A quality café-restaurant serving a wide range of local dishes, grilled kebabs, coffees, and drinks.
  • Thanasis Place Tavern at Kouklia village. Located just 15 minutes away from Paphos town, this traditional taverna is famous for its fresh local meat meze, its stunning garden, and Greek bouzouki night. (The tavern is temporarily closed, so check before heading out).
  • Old Stable’s Tavern in Episkopi village, Limassol. A highly recommended traditional tavern and perhaps the best of its kind in the area, the Old Stables tavern is a local and tourist favorite because of its fresh, delicious food and excellent service. 

The Best Things to Do in Limassol City on a day trip

Limassol, being the largest coastal city and district of Cyprus, offers its visitors a broad range of options-from seasonal shopping venues to Mediaeval monuments and of course plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes for any age, style, and taste. 

You can walk between most of these sites, but you can also take public transport, for example, a Limassol Bus to the Cyprus Motor Museum, for those areas a little away from the foreshore.

If you’re on a day trip from Paphos to Limassol, here are the top things not to miss:

Visit Limassol’s Marina

Phot of Limassol Marina, Limassol, Cyprus
Limassol Marina, Limassol, Cyprus

Currently the biggest Marina in Cyprus, Limassol Marina hosts a line of luxurious yachts, villas, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops selling branded goods. 

Stroll the Molos Promenade

Photo of the paths and children's play equipment at Molos Promenade and Foreshore Park, Limassol Cyprus
Molos Promenade and Foreshore Park, Limassol Cyprus

A scenic seaside promenade only a few minutes away from Limassol Marina and the old harbor, dotted with Palm trees, a nice stone-built walk line, sculptures, and a few cafeterias in between. 

Get lost in Limassol’s narrow streets and alleyways

Wandering through the historic old center of Limassol is my favorite thing to do here. There are small covered walkways between streets and in the small walkways, you’ll find shops, bars, and museums.

Explore the historic center and castle

Phot of the exterior of Castle of Limassol and Medieval Museum, Limassol, Cyprus
Castle of Limassol and Medieval Museum, Limassol, Cyprus

The stately buildings that begin only a street or two from the foreshore include mosques and Islamic architectural flourishes and minarets, the Castle and its medieval museum, and cafes that radiate out from the Castle.

Go shopping

Photo taken inside the Limassol historic center small thoroughfare lined with shops, Limassol, Cyprus
Limassol historic center small thoroughfare lined with shops

Limassol has a wealth of shops on nearly every corner, however, if you plan to go on a full shopping spree in an area packed with several shops, head to Anexartisias street near the city center or My Mall Limassol at Zakaki. 

Discover an enormous classic car collection at the Cyprus historic and classic motor museum

If you’re traveling by car from Paphos to Limassol, the first area you’ll drive through after leaving the motorway at Exit 29 in Limassol is an industrial zone.

(Alternatively, you can catch a local Limassol bus (Numbers 7 and 21 from My Mall) to Epimitheos Str. 3056, A’ Industrial Area).

Interior shot of the rows of classic cars in the Cyprus Car Museum in Limassol, Cyprus
Cyprus car museum, Limassol, Cyprus

If you love classic cars (and I do), there’s a very interesting hour or so to spend peering into a wonderful collection of 3-wheeled post-WW2 vehicles, to classics Jags, Rolls, and more modern hotted-up numbers.

The couple who run it are lovely and you’re welcome to have a cup of coffee and a chat.

Relax at a municipal beach

Although Limassol city lacks a bit in terms of seawater quality compared to Paphos, there are a few notable beaches you can visit for sunbathing, beach sports, and swimming.

Try the sandy Miami Blue Flag Beach or Akti Olympion beach for any of the above. 

Tips for Traveling from Paphos to Limassol

Here are a few tips to make traveling from Paphos to Limassol a hassle-free and enjoyable trip:

View of the Limassol-Paphos Highway from the Polemidia Limassol Roundabout, Limassol, Cyprus
View of the Limassol-Paphos Highway from the Polemidia Limassol Roundabout, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Even though there are no travel restrictions or measures when traveling from Paphos to Limassol, there remain some nationwide COVID-19 measures, one of which is the requirement to wear a mask on public buses, so check if this has been removed when you get to Cyprus.
  • There are only a few parking spots in Limassol and Paphos city that are free. In Paphos, the biggest visitor parking spot is in Kato Paphos harbor, whereas in Limassol the free parking spots vary seasonally or according to the judgment of the Limassol municipality. There are, however, a few parking spots available in the historical center of Limassol. 
  • You’ll see signs for small, privately run parking areas in all of the cities in Cyprus, they’re usually between 2 and 5 Euros for several hours or a day and they make parking close to the center of the cities easy.
  • There are hundreds of free Wi-Fi spots in Paphos and Limassol. The majority are located near hotels, cafeterias, and public offices or institutions. For a detailed list of all current free wifi spots available in Paphos or Limassol head to: https://www.wifimap.io/827-paphos-free-wifi/map and https://instabridge.com/free-wifi/Cyprus-CY/Limassol-146384/

Final Thoughts

Paphos to Limassol is a quick jaunt along the motorway but once you get off the Motorway, you’ll find yourself at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an incredible sandy beach, an old harbor, a historical centre, or a castle.

It’s such a pleasure to explore the countryside in the short distance from Paphos to Limassol, but Limassol is also an interesting day trip that shows you a different side of Cypriot life, architecture, and cuisine.