Quad Rental Corfu: the complete guide [2023]

Thinking of renting a quad on Corfu but don’t know the best quality rental companies and how to find the best prices? Corfu has a wealth of beautiful places to explore, but sometimes these magical spots are off-road and only approachable by boat or by renting a quad bike. Here’s the most comprehensive comparison on the Internet of the costs, companies, and places to go when you have a quad rental on Corfu, as well as all the FAQ about quad rental on magical Corfu.

Corfu Island (Kerkira)

Map of Greece showing the location of Corfu
Map of Greece showing location of Corfu

Best Quad Tour of Corfu

If organizing quad bike hire in Corfu seems too much of a hassle, you might like instead to spend 4 hours on a fun guided quad tour. This is the best one in Corfu and gives you a real feel for the island, while also giving you a thrilling ride!

ATV Quad Safari Tour at The Pink Palace in Agios Gordios, Corfu

The best Corfu quad tour is the ATV Quad Safari Tour at the Pink Palace in Agios Gordios, Corfu

Why? It’s highly reviewed and conducted by The Pink Palace which conducts all kinds of tours in central Corfu. It includes instructions, a driving test before you begin, lunch, and lots of fun and adventure through olive groves, historic villages, and beautiful beaches.

Best 8 Quad Rental Companies in Corfu

Below you’ll find the best 8 quad rental companies, their locations, their average ratings, contact details, and my observations about what each company does well.

You’ll also find a summary contact details table and a map showing the location in Corfu of these best Quad rental companies.

Only quad rental companies that have an average verified rating of more than 4/5 are included.

Auto Moto Corfu | Benitses | Average rating 4.8/5

Auto Moto Corfu is in Benitses and is known to have very competitive prices for quads in good condition. I really like that you can pick up or leave your quad at the airport or ferry port when you arrive and/or when you leave Corfu, just saving another shuttle or transfer cost.

Space Bikes | Agios Gordios | Average rating 4.7/5

Space Bikes’ main office is in Agios Gordios but they have 7 other pick-up locations across southern Corfu. Because they know southern Corfu well, they will give you directions to wonderful little places you otherwise wouldn’t know exist.

My Moto | Gouvia Marina | Average rating 4.9/5

My Moto is in Gouvia Marina but it drops your quad off anywhere on the island. I love their website which features day trip suggestions with maps, time taken, and so on. There’s even one for history buffs like me.

Cassius Rent A Bike | Kassiopis | Average rating 4.9/5

Cassius Rent-A-Bike has been in operation for almost 50 years, prides itself in the excellent condition of its vehicles, and is knowledgeable about the Northeast of Corfu.

D&M MotoRental |Dassius | Average rating 4.8/5

D&M MotoRental is on the main road between Corfu Town and Dassius, inland from Agios Nikolaos Beach and has been in business for 30 years.

Drive 46 Car & Motorbike Rental |Moraitika | Average rating 4.8/5

Drive 46 Car & Motorbike Rental is located in Moraitika and has a 24-hour breakdown service!

Agios Gordios Rent A Bike |Agios Gordios | Average rating 4.6/5

Agios Gordios Rent A Bike is located in the central area of Agios Gordios and services the Agios Gordios, Kontogyalos, and Glyfada areas of Corfu.

Agios Gordios Rent A Bike |Agios Gordios | Average rating 4.6/5

Agios Gordios Rent A Bike is located in the south of the island, in St George, Argirades, near Lakkiess Beach and so it’s ideal if you’re holidaying in central or southern Corfu.

Rental CompanyAddressPhoneWebsite
Auto Moto Corfu BenitsesBenitses, Corfu 490 84 +302661071220
Space BikesAgios Gordios Corfu 49084+30697 726 8422https://agiosgordiosbike.rentals/
My MotoGouvia, Marina Corfu 49100+306940653 929https://mymoto.gr/
Cassius Rent A BikeEpar. Od. Kassiopis – Sidariou+3026630 81301https://cassiusrentabike.com/
D&M MotoRentalDassia Corfu+302661097150https://dm-corfu.gr/
Drive 46 Car & Motorbike RentalMoraitika, Corfu+ 306986986369https://www.drive46.gr/
Agios Gordios Rent A BikeAgios Gordios+306978588352https://agiosgordiosbikes.com/
George’s Rent A BikeSt.George, Argirades
Άγιος Γεώργιος 490 80
Summary Table of the best 8 Quad rental companies in Corfu Island (Kerkyra)

Quad rental Corfu: Map of office locations

Map of best 8 Quad rental companies on Corfu Island, Greece
Map of best 8 Quad rental companies on Corfu Island, Greece

What kind of license do you need to Rent a Quad in Corfu?

There are different answers given by different rental companies but the relevant Greek law states that:

To drive a quad bike on the road you need to have a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997.

This law was part of a change made in 2018 which is ony about tarmac (paved) roads. This law does not apply for off-road ATV/quad biking.

Photo of the front of George's Rent A Bike, St.George, Argirades, Corfu, with quad bikes parked in front
George’s Rent A Bike, St.George, Argirades, Corfu

General tips to hire and ride a quad in Corfu

  • Check for any weird road rules you might not know about. I’ve found this webpage very helpful: https://travelinformation.eu/greece-traffic-rules/
  • Check that your medical/travel insurance cover includes riding a quad bike.
  • Double check that you have the right license and make sure you bring physical copies of your documents the day you rent your quad.
  • Don’t park next to a yellow line.
  • Local agriculutral vehicles have right of way.
  • Book early, in advance, online (see below).
  • Check reviews on Trip Advisor of the company you’re thinking of using.

The Cost of a Quad rental in Corfu

Fuel is not usually included in the price of a rental but sometimes you are given an almost empty tank, but like car hire, most of the time you start out with a full tank.

Trip Anthropologist
Auto Moto Corfu Quad rentals, Greece

You can usually negotiate with the quad rental company if you can return the quad without a full tank, by agreeing the cost of a tank of fuel that’s then included in the price of the rental. If you’d like to be sure about tipping at gas stations, you can read an article about tipping in Greece here.

The cost of having your quad delivered to your hotel is usually included.

Tips for Finding Good Prices for Quads

Book early, book online, and look for their off-season and early-bird discounts as many have these. If you really want to try and save money, give them a call directly and tell them that you want an early bird discount if you book now with them.

This is also a chance to ask any questions and let them know that you want a red one (what – doesn’t everyone want a red one?)

Photo of the front entrance of Drive 46 Car & Motorbike Rental, Moraitika, Corfu, Greece
Drive 46 Car & Motorbike Rental, Moraitika, Corfu, Greece

The fleet of quad bikes each company has is not large and the smaller models, in particular, book out quickly.

Apart from demand (think Santorini in August), the length of time you want to rent the quad for will determine the price. The price per day is cheaper for the longer you hire the quad and in peak season you may not be able to hire a quad for only one day.

The main determination for price of quads, however, is the power of the quad with the larger models costing up to twice the price per day of the less powerful models.

There’s no use getting something that take you 30 minutes to get up a steep hill, but unless you intend to travel on mountain roads, a less powerful quad to get around the beach areas will save you money and I find a 300c for just me to be perfectly suitable – including hills!

Fuel is an additional expense when riding quads and filling up the tank just before you return it is cheaper than agreeing the cost of returning the quad with less than a full tank. It only takes a few minutes, but saves you money.

Top 8 Places to Visit on Corfu With a Quad Rental

1.Paleokastritsa Beach and Monastery

2. Corfu Old Town

3. Porto Timoni Beach

Aerial photo of Porto Timoni Beach, Corfu, Greece
Porto Timoni Beach, Corfu, Greece

4. Kassiopi

5. Canal D’Amour

6. Pantokrator

7. Achilleion

8. La Grotta Beach

Top 10 FAQs about Quad rental Corfu

1. Can you hire a quad bike in Corfu?

Quad bike hire in Corfu is certainly possible and there are over a dozen companies hiring quad bikes. Scooters are much more popular in Corfu, but not so on some other Greek islands.

2. How much does it cost to rent a quad/ATV in Corfu?

The cost of renting a quad/ATV in Corfu depends upon the number of days you rent it for, as well as the power (cc’s) of the vehicle. At the lowest end, you can rent a Quad/ATV for for €30 per day, but if you’re looking for at quads/ATVs in the 350-750cc range, you will pay between 45 and 75 per day. Collision Waver Damage (CDW) is extra, as is any fuel you use. Mileage is usually unlimited, and full face helmets are included.

3. How old do you have to be to rent a quad in Corfu?

You can rent a quad in Corfu if you are 23 years of age and you have a full license.
Until recently you could ride a quad bike if you were 18 years of age and had a full license, but Greece has banned quad bikes that are less than 125cc on paved (tarmac) roads and the large quad bikes now require you to be 23 and have a full license.

4. Do you need a license to drive a quad in Corfu?

Changes occurred to quad bike license rules in Greece in 2018 and if you want to hire a quad in Corfu for on-road travel you will need to be 23 years of age and have a full license. The license will need to be from one of the countries recognised as equivalent to Greece, otherwise you will need an International Drivers Permit (IDP). A full license is considered a B1 license. From November 2011, Greece began reconginising Australian licenses and so Austrainas no longer need an IDP.

5. Do you have to wear a helmet on a quad in Corfu?

If you rent a quad in Corfu and anywhere else in Greece, you must wear a full-face helmet. It is illegal not to do so and you will void your insurance if you’re in an accident. The same goes for any pillion passenger on your quad.

6. Can I carry a pillion passenger on a quad?

Quad bikes are designed for either one or two people. A quad bike that can carry two people will have two seats and two sets of foot pegs. If there is only one seat, it is not legal to carry a pillion passenger on a quad in Greece.

7. Is it safe to drive quads in Corfu?

 It is safe to drive quads in Corfu and it is easier than in many more mountainous and busier Greek islands. Signposting is in English and Greek, parking is easy, and even on the interior winding roads up and down the mountains, if you take it slow around corners and follow the road rules (like drink driving rules), then it’s perfectly safe to drive quads in Corfu. One important rule to remember on mountain roads in Greece is that ascending traffic by law has priority over descending traffic.

8. How to rent a quad in Greece?

Booking online and in advance is the easiest way to rent a quad in Greece because you’ll get the widest range and online and early-bird discounts because there is more competition online. If you’ve already arrived in Greece, your accommodation will either have quads for rent or can recommend a quality rental company.

9. Are the roads safe in Corfu?

Corfu is like most Greek islands with roads around the coastal strips of the island and then windy roads on the hilly or mountainous interior. Corfu Town is not the easiest to drive in, but parking is plentiful for a quad, and once out of the large towns, driving is easy and speeds are low.

10. Is Corfu left-hand drive?

Like the rest of the country,, Corfu is right-hand drive, so if you are coming from the UK, Australia, Cyprus, and other countries where you drive on the left-hand side of the road, you’ll need to be careful at intersections and when parking because these are the times when it’s hardest to think like someone used to driving on the right-hand side of the road!

Final Thoughts

Quad rental in Corfu doesn’t have to be a substitute for public transport as the bus system is cheap and efficient (outside of absolute peak times in high season when it can become overloaded).

But it is a way to get to some of the best places in Corfu or to discover somewhere new, perhaps a great place that cars can’t get to.

So long as you’re covered by good travel insurance, you’ll quickly find that quad biking on the Greek islands becomes addictive! If you’d like to rent an ATV on Milos island to explore some of its hidden pirate coves, check out ATV Rental Milos – everything you need to know [2023].

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