Scooter Rental Corfu: The Complete 2023 Guide

Planning on scooter rental in Corfu but don’t know the best quality rental companies and how to find the best prices? Corfu is scooter-mad – nearly everyone has one – there are dozens of scooter rental outfits! And with uncrowded roads, friendly service, and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder. Here’s the most comprehensive comparison on the Internet of the costs and companies, places to go with your scooter, and all the FAQ about scooter rental in Corfu.

Corfu Island

Corfu is known in Greek as Kerkyra. It is an island in the Ionian chain of islands off the western coast of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. It lies just offshore from both Greece and its northern neighbor, Albania.

Map of Greece showing the location of Corful
Map of Greece showing the location of Corfu

Best 4 Scooter Tours of Corfu

If you love the idea of getting around Corfu town or setting out to explore Corfu on a scooter but don’t want to organize a scooter rental yourself, here are the best 4 Corfu Vespa Scooter tours to take instead.

Savour The Flavors Of Corfu Vespa Scooter Tour

What a popular 5-star tour!

Offered in English and German, in 6 hours you travel through rural villages and stop for olive oil tasting, visit a distillery, two wineries, an artisan sweet shop, a folklore museum, and have a lunch break that involves wonderful Corfiot food.

Above & Beyond Palaiokastritsa Corfu Vespa Scooter Tour

Palaiokastristsa is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and is full of Mythology, an important castle, an ancient monastery, and loads of beach bars, tavernas, and cafes around the beach and bay.

The tour is fully cancellable up to 24 hours before you’re booking It takes 607 hours and leaves from Corfu Town, and you’re escorted on this Vespa tour by a guide.

Vespa Scooter Tour “Off the beaten path Local Villages ” 3-hour scooter tour

Another incredible Corfu villages Vespa tour with only perfect 5-star ratings!

Leaving and returning via a drive through Old Corfu Town, you follow your guide to visit a host of traditional villages on a tour that’s fully cancellable up to 24 hours before the booking. This is a cheap and wonderful way to spend a half-day on Corfu.

Corfu: 1-Day Vespa Scooter Rental

See below for this guaranteed one-day vintage red Vespa scooter hire which is the simplest way to hire a scooter for one or two people and gets a perfect set of only 5-star reviews.

If you always wanted to be a Vespa driver or just ride as a passenger on a Vespa scooter, now’s your chance!

Best 8 Scooter Rental Companies in Corfu

Below you’ll find the best 8 scooter rental companies, their locations, their average ratings, and contact details.

Only scooter rental companies that have an average verified rating of more than 4.7/5 are included.

Rental CompanyAddressPhoneWebsite
Corfu Vespa Tours & RentalIoannou Theotoki 67, Kerkira 491 00+30 698 707 1331https://www.corfuvespatour.com/
My MotoGouvia, Marina Corfu 49100+306940653 929https://mymoto.gr/
Scooter Rental CorfuAgias Ekaterinis 1, Lefkimmi 490 80+30698 2323149https://scooterrentalcorfu.gr/
D&M MotoRentalDassia, Corfu+302661097150https://dm-corfu.gr/
Corfu Electric ScootersAgios Mattheos, Corfu+306934001244https://corfuelectricscooters.gr/
Drive 46 Car & Motorbike RentalMoraitika, Corfu+ 306986986369https://www.drive46.gr/
Everywhere Car & Moto Rental8 A. Kalvou Str., P.O. 49100, Corfu+30 2661030789https://drive-everywhere.com/
Space BikesAgios Gordios Corfu 49084+30697726 8422https://agiosgordiosbike.rentals/
Summary Table of the best 8 scooter rental companies in Corfu Island (Kerkyra)

Scooter rental Corfu: Map of office locations

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Simplest 1-Day Scooter Rental Corfu

Photo of a One Day Vespa Rental, Corfu, Greece
Scooter rental corfu: the complete 2023 guide 25

If you’d just like to book a scooter rental for a day, here’s a one-day rental organized by Get Your Guide with Corfu Vespa Tours & Rental with only 5-star reviews: Corfu: 1-Day Vespa Scooter Rental. Two people can ride on this scooter and the price is per scooter, not per person. If you’re short on time or only want a scooter for a day, this is the perfect solution.

Need to know:

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the booking commences
  • Reserve now and pay later
  • Ride on a vintage red Vespa scooter that is well-maintained and comes with unlimited mileage.
  • Phone mount, third-party insurance, helmets, 24/7 road assistance
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • You must have a valid motorcycle-scooter class driver’s license
  • Driving License Requirements: European – A, A1, A2. International: A, A1.
  • Driving License Requirements: American – US citizens must have an international driving license or C, M license for Motorcycle
  • Previous experience driving scooters is mandatory for the driver
  • Your instructors speak English, German, and Greek

What kind of license do you need to Rent a Scooter in Corfu?

Rental companies are very firm about the kind of license you need to rent a scooter in Corfu. Here are the guidelines:

Drawing of the License requirements for scooter rental in Corfu
License requirements for scooter rental in Corfu

Check the Greek government advice on whether your international driving license is sufficient, or if you’ll need an International Driving Permit.

General tips for renting a Scooter in Corfu

The great benefit of planning your holiday (but not too much!) is that you can use online booking systems to compare prices, and hire a scooter earlier to save money rather than paying whatever is being asked when you arrive in peak season on Corfu.

Photo of a Scooter parked outside a beautiful house in Old Corfu Town, Corfu Island, Greece
Scooter parked outside a beautiful house in Old Corfu Town, Corfu Island, Greece

See above for the kind of international driving license you have and on the day of your scooter hire, take your physical documents, including your license and passport with you.

When you hire a scooter in Corfu, there are hidden fees you can avoid by booking with a reputable company. The 8 rental companies listed above have been road-tested by thousands of scooter and bike rentals, and have transparent pricing.

Similarly, these 8 rental companies will rent you well-maintained vehicles in very good condition. In fact, if you read the reviews on Trip Advisor, you’ll discover which s

I always hire a GPS device before I set off to explore Corfu, whenever I hire scooters, ATVs, Quads, or any other vehicle rental on Greek islands!

And it goes without saying that you need to be sure your travel/medical insurance covers you for riding experiences.

The Cost of Scooter Rental in Corfu

The cost of a scooter rental in Corfu depends upon:

  • if you hire the scooter in high season or not
  • the power of the vehicle (a 50cc scooter is cheaper to hire than a 300cc scooter)
  • the type of scooter. Electric scooters are the cheapest to rent, followed by low-power scooters, followed by Vespas, and higher-powered scooters.

An electric scooter in high season begins at €30 per day in Corfu.

Vespa rental in high season ranges between €45 and €70 for a one-day hire, less for 2-3 days, and less still for 4 or more days rental and for rentals by the month.

50CC – 150 CC scooters cost between €18 and 32 to rent for a one day hire. This includes helmets and insurance and usually civil liability, but not fuel, and the price likewise decreases the more days you hire the scooter for.

Tips for Finding Good Prices for Scooters

The prices for scooters decrease significantly the more days you hire one. For example at Corfu Vespa Tours & Rental, the peak season price to hire a Vespa for one day is € 45,00 for a one-day hire of a 2022 125 cc Vespa Primavera ABS.

Photo of streets with parked mopeds and scooters in Corfu Town (Kerkyra) in Greece
Streets with parked mopeds and scooters in Corfu Town (Kerkyra) in Greece

This price drops to € 40.50 per day if hired for 2 or 3 days, and the price drops again to € 36.45 if hired for 4 days. So it makes sense to do all your scooter hire in one go (for example for a week) rather than the occasional day.

There are online discounts, discounts for special holidays like Easter, and early-bird savings for booking well ahead of your trip.

Make sure to fill your scooter up with fuel just before you give it back to avoid extra charges.

Most rental vehicles (and even bicycles and electric bikes) come with a free pick up and drop off service and some include 24/7 roadside assistance – booking a scooter from a company with these free additions could end up making your holiday much cheaper if something goes wrong!

Top 8 Places to Visit on Corfu With a Scooter Rental

1- The winding streets of Corfu Town are a must to visit and a scooter is a fun way to explore them

A phot of Corfu's narrow streets, Corfu, Greece
Corfu’s narrow streets, Corfu, Greece

2- Pantokrator – Mount Pantokrator is the highest island on Corfu and there’s a 360-degree view as far as Albania.

3- Canal D’Amour – A little like the Algarve region in Spain, narrow channels and tiny bays are carved out of dramatic rock formations.

Phot of people sunbaking at Canal d'Amour, Sidari, Corfu, Greece
Canal d’Amour, Sidari, Corfu, Greece

4- Vlacherna Monastery – 17th-century monastery on a small island in the middle of the Bay just a few kilometers south of Corfu Town that is attached to the mainland by a long narrow causeway.

5- Paleokastritsa Beach and Monastery – Widely considered the most beautiful spots in Corfu

Phot of the Mosaic of Jesus Christ at Paleokastritsa Monastery, Corfu
Mosaic of Jesus Christ at Paleokastritsa Monastery, Corfu

6- Kassiopi – A traditional fishing village with much of its charm preserved, but now also a very wealthy area.

7- Angelokastro – Byzantine castle perched on the highest peak along the coastline and close to Paleokastritsa.

Aerials view of Angelokastro, Corfu, Greece
Angelokastro, Corfu, Greece

8- Porto Timoni Beach – Just one of the most beautiful beach environments I’ve ever seen.

Top 10 FAQs about Scooter rental Corfu

1. Can you travel in Corfu on scooter?

Trip Anthropologist

I think there are more scooters in Corful than cars! It’s one of the most popular ways to travel around the island because there’s so little traffic outside the towns.

2. Do you need a license to rent a scooter in Corfu?

Scooter in Corfu, Greece

The minimum age for renting a scooter is 18 years. The renter must have a valid driving license when signing the bike rental contract.

3. How much is the scooter hire in Corfu?


On average a rental scooter in Corfu costs €45 per day.

4. Does Corfu have electric scooters?

Trip Anthropologist

Electric scooters are available to hire on Corfu island. In fact, there’s a specialist company with excellent reviews called Corfu Electric Scooters in Agios Matteos. You can ride an electric scooter for between 50 and 60 kilometers on a single charge. They have a weight limit of 200 kg and they are an ecologically responsible and fun way to get around Corfu!

5. Do you need a license to drive a moped in Corfu?

Red two-wheeled moped parked on Mithos beach promenade in sea bay of resort village Bali. Classic Greek stone architecture of resort, tourists walk streets of city. Rethymno, Crete, Greece

You need a moped license to drive a small moped if you’re 15 – 18 years of age. If you’re over 18 years of age, you can drive a big moped if you have a full car or motorcycle license.

6. What are the rules for mopeds in Greece?

scooters and mopeds-parked-along-Corfu-streets-Kerkyra-Greece

The rules for speed limits of mopeds in Greece depend upon whether they are ‘big’ or ‘small’ mopeds. ‘Big’ mopeds are limited to 45 km/hr (28 miles per hour), whereas ‘small’ mopeds have a maximum speed limit of 30 km/hr (19 miles per hour).

If you are between 15 and 18 years of age, you can drive a ‘small’ moped, but you must have a moped driving license. For people 18 years of age and older, in order to drive a ‘big’ moped you have to have a full car or motorcycle license.

7. Do you need to wear a helmet on a scooter in Greece?


All drivers and passengers of scooters in Greece must wear helmets. There are hefty fines if you are pulled over by the police while not wearing a helmet, and you’re license will be taken from you.

8. What is the drink driving law in Greece?


Like many European countries, a blood alcohol content of 0.05 percent is the legal limit for drinking and driving in Greece. This is lower than England, Northern Ireland, and the U.S. where it is 0.08 percent. If you are a novice driver, that drops to 0.02 percent.

9. Are road signs in Greece in English?

Trip Anthropologist

Yes, road signs in Greece are written in both Greek and English. In smaller areas, they may only be written in Greek so it pays to take a photo of the Greek word for the place you’re heading to and refer to it if you start getting to rural areas where the English disappear from the road signs.

10. Can you ride a Vespa without experience?

Photo of a vintage red vespa scooter in corfu

It is possible to ride a Vespa without experience but there will be a learning curve and it is not safe to learn to drive a scooter in a foreign country. Vespas have automatic transmission

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips and practical info have inspired you to try something new on your trip to Corfu. Even if it’s just a guided tour on a scooter, it’s bound to be a highlight of your holiday.

Once you’ve branched out and started finding your own way around the Greek islands, you’re on your way to becoming addicted to these magical places. Here are some other ways of getting around the Greek islands:

Keep Planning Your Trip to Corfu