student conference travel grant

Trip Anthropologist is pleased to offer conference travel support to Anthropology and Archaeology students to travel to a conference at which they have been accepted to speak or present, in the form of an annual US $400 Trip Anthropologist Student Conference Travel Grant.

Eligibility Requirements

  1.            Proof of full-time enrolment in an Anthropology or Archaeology degree. This needs to be in a  Bachelor of Arts or another degree in which Anthropology or Archaeology are offered, or a graduate degree such as a Master of Anthropology or Archaeology. Doctoral students need to be enrolled in a program of study in Anthropology or Archaeology. 
  2.          Proof of conference abstract acceptance and details of the conference or annual meeting such as title, location, date and the session in which you are speaking/presenting.
  3.        Up to 300 words explaining the significance of the conference activity. 
  4.         One page letter from your adviser supporting the application and explaining the significance of the research being conducted or work being presented. This should be sent directly from the advisor to

       Note: An advisor is an academic who is familiar with your work and works in the program in which you are enrolled. 


The Trip Anthropologist Conference Student Travel Grant recognizes academic potential. Weight is placed upon the advisor’s recommendation as well as the potential of the scholar, as demonstrated by the abstract, to contribute to the disciplines of anthropology or archaeology in the future.

Submission Guidelines

Applications are submitted through the online submission form below.


Questions regarding eligibility for the travel grants only, may be sent to


September 1 each year

Successful applicants are notified by October 2.

The grant must be expended by August 31 the following year.

Submission Form

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
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