Where to Stay in Paros: best areas in Paros Greece

You have your mind set on Paros Greece, but are not quite sure where to stay in Paros? In this guide, I share the towns and fishing villages of Paros island with you, my recommendations for traditional houses, beach resorts, and the best hotels with private swimming pools along with all the info you need about getting to Paros.

Best places to stay in Paros – my tips and picks

Traditional, yet cosmopolitan, trendy, sleek, and relaxed, Paros is one of the finest Greek islands out there.

It offers something to everyone – exploring for solo travelers, exclusive retreats for romantic getaways, great sand, sea, and sun for beach holidays, or stellar cuisine for foodies.

There are three types of places to choose from – mountain villages, seaside fishing villages, and photogenic towns with lots of nightlife. Read on to make the most of your holiday in Paros Greece by choosing the best area of the island for your kind of holiday.

Things to know before you get to Paros

Paros island is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades (after Naxos and Andros).

Its main town and main port of Parikia are connected daily to the neighboring islands, as well as to Athens’ ports of Piraeus and Rafina by regular or speedy ferries.

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Paros Greece Map

Make sure to get your ferry tickets on time (or better still, pre-book your electronic tickets with ferry hopper), as July and August are the busiest months for European holidaymakers.

Daily flights are also available from Thessaloniki and Athens airports.  

Paros is best discovered by car, and again, pre-booking one with Discover Cars to pick up in Parikia will get your Paros island holiday off to a stress-free start.

Tip: If visiting without a car, it’s best to stay in one of two main towns, Parikia and Naoussa.

Paros is one of the most popular islands in Greece. You will love this dreamy destination if you have been to fancier Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini if you want to avoid the worst of the Europe summertime crowds but still enjoy a bustling and cosmopolitan Greek island.

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Beautiful Paros home

Petite-sized compared to Naxos, Paros is surely a better fit if you are not into visiting remote villages or exploring a rural island lifestyle.

Paros is like a glass plate with a selection of shellfish, while Naxos is a clay pot of an octopus stew. Both tasty, your pick!  

I recommend at least a 3-nights stay in Paros, but ideally a week.

You will need a couple of days to visit its charming towns of Parikia and Naoussa, and the villages of Lefkes, Marpissa, Piso Livadi, Aliki or Drios, golden and rocky beaches, thriving gastronomic scene, snorkeling and diving spots, and superb windsurfing locations.

You’ll love the day trip excursions available from Paros to other islands which is why basing yourself on Paros island for a week is ideal. Paros truly is the gateway to the Greek islands. Day trips can include:

  • a 10-minute boat ride to an adjoining laid-back Antiparos town,
  • a full day excursion to Small Cyclades islands (Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonisia, and Donoussa), and
  • a boat tour of Delos and Mykonos.

Where to stay in Paros – a quick glance:

Stay in the seaside towns of Parikia and Naoussa for that unique Greek island charm – walking the narrow cobbled streets, taking amazing photographs with whitewashed houses or the Aegean Sea as a backdrop, or admiring the architecture. Most of the island’s nightlife and shopping are here as well as many dining options.

Stay in the seaside villages of Piso Livadi, Golden Beach (Chrisi Akti), Aliki, Livadia beach, or Drios for a proper fishing village feeling, next to traditional tavernas and some of the island’s best beaches.

Stay in the hilly villages of Lefkes, Marpissa, and Prodromos for an authentic island lifestyle, quiet retreat, and exploration.

For Culture, Tradition, and Cosmopolitan buzz – definitely consider the towns of Parikia and Naoussa.

With thousands of years of history, passing empires, conquests and liberations, churches, museums, historical cafes, a unique port vibe, and the best hotels in Paros, the two main towns are a treasure trove of Aegean heritage.

Most of the island’s shopping, traditional and gourmet dining, and eclectic nightlife is here too.

For Walking to the beach – stay in the Golden Beach and Drios area.

Great hotels and apartments are just meters away from one of Paros’ best beach spots, with fine sand, watersports, and vivid beach bars.

For Authentic Paros – hillside or fishing villages retain the true island identity.

Go for traditional houses in Lefkes, Marpissa, and Prodromos for cool summer evenings away from the crowds, or rent harbor houses in Aliki, Ambelas, and Drios.

For WindsurfingPunda beach is on the west coast of Paros (where you can also get a ferry to Antiparos) or Piso Livadi and the northern part of Golden Beach (Nea Chrisi Akti) area.

Paros has some of the world’s best kiting and wind-surfing spots due to the straits towards Naxos island or Antiparos island.


Parikia or Paros is the island’s capital and is one of the most picturesque Cycladic cobbled settlements. After the grand arrival at the port, you quickly find yourself in a magical labyrinth of medieval houses, churches, and marble doorways, guided by the smell of bakeries (try Ragoussis in the port) and coffee shops.

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Parikia’s typical architecture and colors

It is a lively place too, you will enjoy people-watching, be it the slow-paced tourists, fast-paced locals rushing to and from the ferries, or ever-present Greek elderly folk that ensure that unsurpassed Greek island feeling.

Parikia is the home of the most significant church on the island and one of the oldest in Greece – Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani (the hundred gates one) – which has stood here since the 4th century AD.

It is a complex of chapels, initiated by Saint Helen, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, during her pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Close by, you’ll find the remains of a 13th-century Venetian castle ruin, built on the foundation of an even older fortification around which a maze of whitewashed houses and blue-shuttered windows is located.

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Panagia Ekatontapiliani church in Parikia, Paros, Greece

A small archaeological museum, the ancient temples of Aphrodite, Eileithyia, and Zeus Ypatos, along with the ruins of Asklepion (healing sanctuary of ancient Greeks) are also here for history and archaeology lovers.

Small shops, handicrafts, and local artists’ ateliers are the beating heart of the old town.

Parikia has a great waterfront that becomes an evening promenade as its location on the western side of the island guarantees many bars and beautiful sunsets.

Livadia (the town’s main beach), Parasporos sandy beach, along with the beaches of Krios and Marcelo are within cycling or walking distance.

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Parikia’s main beach, Paros Greece

Who should stay in Paros – Parikia?

If you are staying for only one night or transiting on the island, but want to get a bit of everything – beaches, lifestyle, architecture, dining, and nightlife.

Those who are into bustling seaside harbor towns, with a passion for tradition, art, and architecture and eating seafood by the water.

Tip: Get up early on Sunday and listen to many active churches’ bells and liturgy chants, while watching the island wake up.

Things to consider

Parikia is also the commercial center of the island, so choose accommodation away from the busy port side.

Where to stay in Parikia

Paros Agnanti Hotel – the closest 5-star hotel to Parikia and 100 meters from Marchello beach. There are private pools in the suites, incredible sea views from the rooms, pools, terraces, happy hour, free wifi, and a complimentary shuttle bus to take you the 1.7 km into the center of Paros.


Naoussa is the party town of Paros island and a place the majority of designer and haute-couture boutique shops are located, along with gourmet restaurants and lively bars with signature cocktails.

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Naoussa waterfront

However, Naoussa (Naousa) is a remarkably picturesque village, with traditional architecture, set around an active fishermen’s marina, where the hustle and bustle of the fishmongers fill up the air in the morning, and in the evening, the place fills up with tables from many local tavernas.

From the old port, where the old Venetian fortifications still stand, you can grab a water taxi or wooden fishing boat to many of the island’s beaches – most popular are:

  • Piperi beach,
  • Kolymbithres beach with its lunar and rocky landscape,
  • Monastiri beach at the northernmost tip of an island,
  • Laggeri beach with soft-sand dunes and clear waters and famous Santa Maria beach on the east coast, with a busy north end and quiet south end.

Some of them are even a short walk from Naoussa.

Paros Park, a protected nature resort with hiking paths and popular beach options, a monastery, and a lighthouse is close by too.

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Naoussa marina, castle, and seafood restaurant

Who should stay in Paros – Naoussa?

Shopping, nightlife and boutique hotels, and luxury hotel enthusiasts.

Everyone who wants to explore northern Paros and its pristine beaches.    

Things to consider

During August, Naoussa town center gets very busy.

Tip: Barbarossa in Naoussa is one of the most famous restaurants in Paros – a place where celebrities, royalty, and island families of standing love to dine.

Where to stay in Naoussa

Boasting the best accommodation on the island, you are spoilt for luxurious choices in Naoussa.

Parilio, a Member of Design Hotels – one of the most beautifully furnished hotels on the island, and a contemporary minimalist exterior and pool area make this a stylish and private retreat. There are only four suites in this boutique luxury hotel at Kolimpythres.

Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort – this property has only perfect reviews and is only 1 kilometer from the center of Naoussa. It’s only 50 meters from the beach and has a swimming pool and hot tub. The infinity pool looks over the sea and some rooms and suites have their own mini-infinity pools in the private courtyards.

Lilly Residence-Sea View Suites, Adults Only – heated private plunge pools, infinity pools, and Spa baths, champagne buffet breakfast beside the pool, dinner and cocktails at the pool bar, and Hermes accessories in the rooms make this hotel an obvious romantic choice.

Cove Resort – This is my favorite place in Paros – there is a wonderful holiday feeling in the landscaped private gardens and infinity pools, the lighting of the property at night, and just spectacular pool and beach areas. The rooms are lovely, but their private outdoor spaces make them extra special.

Fishing villages

Paros’ uninterrupted lifestyle of maritime activities goes on all year round in picturesque fishing villages along its coast.

For experiencing true Paros, stay in Piso Livadi, Aliki, Livadia beach, Drios or Ambelas. You’ll always be close to tavernas serving fresh fish, traditional coffee shops, and local sandy beaches.

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Piso Livadi village, Paros

You can also buy the catch of the day directly from the fishing boats in the morning or join the crew for a day trip fishing excursion.

Livadia beach is a picturesque fishing village on the northern side of the island, close to both Naoussa and Kolymbithres beach, offering easy access to both.

Aliki, on the southwest side with its proper fishing harbor, is protected from the winds and close to the sandy beaches of Piso Aliki, Agios Nikolaos, and Faranga. The Skorpios folklore museum is located there, along with a scuba diving center.

Ambelas, on the western side of Paros island, just five kilometers away from Naoussa and overlooking Naxos island, is a sleepy village known for its calm child-friendly sandy beach, small fishing port, and great fresh seafood.

Drios and Piso Livadi are the places where traditional villages of working fishermen meet the fantastic sandy beaches of Paros.

Tip: Aliki’s local music festival is held in June, while the village fair is on the 6th of August, the same day as in the neighboring Marpissa.

Who should stay in Paros – Fishing villages?

Families looking for quieter beaches, fishing boats, and fishing villages.

Travelers looking for great traditional food and the harbor lifestyle.

Things to consider

Piso Livadi seems to have it all – a local village vibe with tavernas and cafes on the waterfront and amazing sunrises. It’s near two great sandy cove-beaches of Molos and Kalogeros, wind-surfing Punda beach, and the hillside villages of Prodromos and Marpissa.

There are also multiple Airbnb properties with great views in the fishing villages along the coast of Paros.

Where to stay in Paros coastal villages

Mythic Paros – Adults Only – 5 star at Agia Irini, about 3 km from Parikia and above the coast with lovely views. It is a sophisticated, calm, and romantic retreat with good wellness facilities. The suites and rooms have terraces and feature wood, glass, and stone. There is a separate accommodation with a large private pool.

Summer Senses Luxury Resort – a Small Luxury Hotels of the World Property near Marpissa at Logaras on the east coast of Paros. There are 3 swimming pools and one of the restaurants has a collaboration with a Michelin-starred restaurant in Athens. This is a special hotel – exquisitely furnished rooms with a spectacular freeform pools and bars environment.

Calme Boutique Hotel, Drios -the private pools and courtyards overlooking the sea are the real drawcard of the 5-star property. The rooms are white and feature stone and white and pale blue bedding. The sense of calm extends to the furnished stone terraces and sparkling blue private pools.

Parock’s Luxury Hotel & Spa is a 5-star travel sustainable property in Ambeles and only 4 kilometers from Naoussa. Whilst there are outdoor swimming pools, the rooms and suites have their own private pools, and a few have jacuzzis.

Chrisi Akti (Golden beach) area

The ultimate beach destination of Paros, Chrisi Akti is popular among all sorts of travelers –

  • windsurfers come for its organized water-sports facilities and Windsurfing World Cup, and
  • families come for child-friendly spots with soft sand and shallow waters.
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Chrisi Akti, Paros, Paralia Nea beach

It is divided between:

  • Chrisi Akti, where beach bars, restaurants, hotels, and rooms are located along a 700-meter-long beach, and
  • Nea Chrisi Akti (New Golden Beach) beach, just around a small peninsula, where the whole wind-surf action is. The best beach resorts and beach clubs are located around this area.

Who should stay in Paros – Chrisi Akti?

Want to get to the beach from your doorstep? Chrisi Akti is the best choice.

Wind, surf, and water sports lovers.

Tip: This is a great place for a family stay and for introducing your kids to all kinds of water sports. But be sure to check the wind and the wifi before you book!

Things to consider:

Chrisi Akti gets many visitors in the summer, so accommodation needs to be booked well in advance.

Where to stay in Golden beach (Chrissi Akti)

Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa – a 5-star hotel-apartment complex on the cape (Cape Choni) overlooking Golden beach. It has two large pools, a pool bar, modern rooms, and a breakfast area on the beach – the pictures don’t really do justice to the location and views which are fantastic.

Golden Sand Paros – these lovely apartments have terraces with sea views, and privacy, and the rooms are bright and airy – it’s like having your own little Greek house by the beach. Parking is free.

Hillside villages

A true island spirit is preserved in these hillside settlements, where life is in a slow lane among churches, whitewashed houses, arched passages, narrow cobbled streets, and windmills.

The best ones are centrally located Lefkes, and west-side Marpissa and Prodromos.

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Traditional cafe in the street of Lefkes town, Paros island, Greece

Lefkes is one of the prettiest villages of Paros and the old Venetian capital of the island, built on a safe distance from the pirate-infested shores of the medieval Aegean.

Nowadays, it is a spectacular hilltop mix of long-gone imperial splendor, neoclassical revival, and traditional island cubic architecture. It overlooks the sea and the surrounding islands from the Kefalos hill.

The Marble Byzantine Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), pine trees shaded village square, The Aegean Folk Culture museum, and its distance from the main tourist spots make Lefkes perfect for a relaxing stay at 300 meters altitude.

Prodromos, together with the adjoining settlement of Marmara, is located between Lefkes and Marpissa.

Prodromos is full of traditional Greek island atmosphere in its narrow alleys, beautiful gardens of striking bougainvillea trees, and traditional tavernas, Prodromos is a great choice for soaking up the sun without the beach crowds.  

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Laneway in Prodromos village, Paros Greece

Marpissa is another hillside jewel, a small village built amphitheatrically in traditional Cycladic style between Lefkes and the sea.

With only a handful of accommodation options and full of an authentic island vibe, it is sought-after, so make sure to book early if you want to secure summertime accommodation in this stunning small village.

Who should stay in Paros – Hillside villages?

Anyone looking for authentic relaxing Paros and budget hotel options.

Want to get away from it all? Stay in the Hillside villages and rent a car.

Tip: From Lefkes the famous Byzantine Road starts, where hiking trails lead to the villages of Prodromos, Marpissa, Piso Livadi, and Logaras beach.  

Things to consider:

Mainland villages are the places where Greek islanders hid from the attackers and thrived. Hence, authentic island identity is still preserved there.

Where to stay in the Hillside villages

Sweet Path Villa – Built in 2018, this two-bedroom villa with a swimming pool in Lefkes offers views of the sea and the village. There are restaurants and cafes only 100 meters away.

Perivoli Luxury Homes – the one, two, and three-bedroom homes are in Prodoromas village, 100 meters away from restaurants. The homes are newly built with light and contemporary spaces and private hot tubs.

A final tip on where to stay in Paros:

If staying for a week, split your time between a town and a country. Spend three days in Parikia or Naoussa for the fast-paced island program.

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Shopping in Paros Greece

Spend four days in seaside or hillside villages for budget or luxury hotels, relaxation, a traditional atmosphere, and local food.

If staying for up to three days, consider the towns. Parikia is better for busy days and quiet evenings, while Naoussa is closer to stunning beaches and wakes up after the sun sets.

I hope this guide to the best hotels in Paros in the villages and towns has helped you to choose where to stay in Paros!