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Trip Anthropologist is a travel resource site helping travelers plan and book their travel and learn more about the history and cultures of their next holiday. Featuring in-depth destination guides, itineraries, country and city guides, Trip Anthropologist provides helpful free content about food, culture, and history travel to some of the world’s most iconic destinations.

Some Quick Facts about Trip Anthropologist Readers

34% of readers are from the United States.

45% of readers are from Europe.

9.9% of readers are from Asia.

7.5% of readers are from Oceania.

60% of readers are male.

Brand Partnerships

Trip Anthropologist readers are looking for quality accommodation and experiences at a competitive price. They are planning travel (and looking for accommodation and other pre-travel purchases) or have arrived at their holiday destination, and want to find interesting experiences.

Brands, tour companies, tour and travel agencies, and local businesses are welcome to be a part of the offering to curious travelers who want to know about the history and cultures of the places they visit.

I am particularly excited to work with local businesses and with history, culture, and archaeology tours and organizations.

If you’d like to discuss a collaboration, please get in touch at

Sponsorships and Advertising

Occasionally Trip Anthropologist will include advertising and sponsored links for products and experiences that match the demographics and interests of readers.

Such requests for collaboration must be specific in what is being offered, and what the benefits to Trip Anthropologist and its readers will be. Prolonged negotiations and email exchanges are not possible due to time constraints.

Please email sponsorships and advertising requests for collaboration to

Content Creators

Trip Anthropologist is now accepting articles from genuine travel writers/bloggers. Such articles may be:

  • Destination guides
  • Street food, art, culture
  • Museums and other cultural experiences
  • Itineraries
  • Listicles
  • Photo essays
  • Essential reading/listening/watching lists/reviews for a particular location

If you are interested in paying for links or other promotions, please read the information above regarding paid sponsorships and advertising.

Content Guidelines

SEO, Keywords, Length: SEO is a critical part of having your article read. You must have a keyword to write about, and your article must have a length that is competitive with other articles on the first page of Google for that keyword.

If you are unsure if the keyword and intended length are competitive, it is safer to email a query before doing the hard work of writing a piece that may not be right for Trip Anthropologist. Sending a writing sample is the surest way to see if your writing is a good match for Trip Anthropologist.

I try to make sure that all of the content you will read on Trip Anthropologist is:

  • Easy to read with sentences that are clear and concise
  • Easy to follow where the content and itinerary flows logically
  • Accurate with feasible suggestions that are correct and up to date
  • Enjoyable to read and to do
  • Written in American English


All written content must:

  • Have titles that are specific and interesting
  • Be original with no plagiarism; it can not be published on any other website
  • Be exciting with your unique perspective and energy
  • Be specific and clear
  • Use short sentences with simple words

When writing the introduction to an itinerary or itinerary day, ensure you explain:

  • What excites you about the itinerary or place and why it should be done
  • Why you have included the places in the itinerary
  • What they will achieve after completing the itinerary

When writing about a stop or activity, ensure you explain:

  • The history or background
  • Why it is interesting
  • Why you are recommending it
  • What you wish you knew before visiting
  • What people should do when visiting the place


All images must:

  • Match the location discussed in the text
  • Not contain any writing or advertising
  • Be released under a license that allows the image to be used (your own images are strongly preferred and if you are proposing to write an article without any pictures you took yourself (such as a book or movie listicle), get in touch first as I may have some)
  • Not be of a person
  • Be a high-resolution landscape over 920 pixels wide and 520 pixels tall


Please do not create content that:

  • Is short and lacks depth
  • Uses sensationalist language, such as “superbly beautiful and exciting”
  • Is long-winded, using many words to describe something that can be explained in 1 short sentence
  • Is unbalanced, the intro should ideally be one paragraph that could be used by google as a featured snippet. For itinerary posts:
    • The days and stops should be the majority of the word count for the article
    • For listicles: At least one ‘featured snippet’ type of paragraph, and opening hours and admission costs.
  • Has spelling and grammar errors
  • Uses filler words such as stuffthings, and very
  • Is negative and is not feedback supported by facts
  • Has long sentences 
  • Has long paragraphs that contain several sentences – only 1-3 sentences per paragraph)
  • Contains paid referral links or advertising
  • Is offensive or contains nudity
  • Uses lists excessively, such as “the cafe has cold drinks, hot drinks, soft drinks, food, and sweets.”
  • Uses “etc.“, ““, “Tip:“, or “Note:” instead of complete sentences

Submit and Article or Query

Submissions for publication and any queries can be emailed to

  • Article drafts and images should be attachments and not in the body of the email.
  • Please include a short author bio (with or without a picture) or else send one after your article has been accepted.
  • Indicated the keyword you have used
  • Include the URL you wish the article to link to and the specific anchor text.
  • Confirm that the photos were taken by you.

Queries should ideally include a keyword, title suggestion, estimated length, writing sample, article type, and confirmation of your own photos. It’s also important to know what you would like your article to link to – article URL and anchor text.

Why was my Article Rejected?

I understand and greatly value the time and hard work it takes to produce a well-researched and written article. Article rejection is not taken lightly and I highly recommend sending a query first as described above.

The two main reasons for articles not being accepted are:

  • Written English that is not of a high standard. That is, articles that are submitted that have a much lower standard of English than those publised on Trip Anthropologist. If in doubt, read a few articles to see if your written English is of a comparable standard.
  • Not a good fit. You may have written a terrific article. Unfortunately, it may just not be right for the Trip Anthropologist audience and may not sit well alongside the other articles on the site. This has happened to all of us, and is not a reflection on your writing skills, it’s just a reflection on the kind of articles and range of coverage currently on the site.
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