Exciting cities, wild and beautiful landscapes and more pubs than you can poke a stick at, this charming part of the world has given us so much history and culture.

Get some travel inspiration from popular articles then dive into some of the best cities, countries, and regions of the United Kingdom.

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Scotland is the northernmost country of Great Britain, sharing a border of almost 100 miles with England to the south. Ireland is only 13 miles across the Irish Sea from Scotland.

A dramatic and breathtaking landscape of lochs, rivers, peaks, mountainous highlands, 790 islands, broad valleys, and southern lowlands.

From early hunter-gatherers to neolithic villages, chiefdoms, pre-Christian ritual structures, Pictish, Gaelic, Viking, and Norse cultures – the early human history of Scotland is still visible today and makes for a fantastic trip of exploration!

As a difference in wealth between the Highlands and the industrializing lowlands grew, Highlanders adopted tartan and the Great Highland bagpipe.

Celtic culture and festivals are enduring in Scotland, as are symbols such as Saint Andrew’s Cross.

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Northern Ireland

Hostility between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland was part of a larger set of political machinations by Kings and Popes in England, Scotland, and continental Europe.

Violent civil wars arose from the tensions of colonization and the different Christian religions practiced by those identifying as English or Scottish.

A part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland remains a separate political entity from the rest of Ireland.

The culture of Northern Ireland has symbolized and emphasized a deliberate way of defining Protestants from Catholics.

The Murals show the battles waged and the martyrs created during the ‘Troubles’ civil war.

These are progressively being painted over as new generations choose to live without the reminders of the recent violent past.

Music, poetry, mythology, and folklore – not to mention football – continue to be strong traditions that thrive in the 21st century.

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