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Hi! My name is Monique and I’m a cultural anthropologist & avid traveler. I wanted to create a site for thoughtful & curious travelers who want to be more than just tourists. Join me as I journey around the Mediterranean & Europe, hunting down ancient citadels & monuments. I’m looking for the remains of incredible cultures & histories, of epic journeys, empires, pirate raids, heroic deeds, & capricious gods. Along the way, I find local foods, breathtaking beaches, & unforgettable hikes.

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This achingly beautiful country is the birthplace of democracy and the perfect destination for sun and history-loving hedonists! 226 idyllic inhabited islands and lots of deserted ones for you to explore. Greece has warm aqua waters, beaches of every color, a laid-back lifestyle, and 18 UNESCO sites like the Palace of Knossos and its Minotaur’s labyrinth that bring alive the mythology of the Greek gods.

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