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My name is Monique. As an anthropologist I have lived all over the world. In my academic life I specialized in the cultures of Asia and especially Myanmar. 

When I travel I immerse myself in the culture, people and history of a destination and I do much of my exploring by foot and by boat. I also bring my taste buds with me and learn about culture and history through local food and wine. 

Trip Anthropologist is a site that provides you with free resources to inspire you, to help you plan, and to book experiences. I created this travel resource site for curious, intelligent people like you who want to know why you should visit somewhere, what happened there, and what you should eat! It’s a site for people who want to explore – the present, the past, the lives of the people they meet and who want to come home transformed.


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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust



Ancient languages, fabulous gods, heroes and demons can all be discovered in our past. The places we visit now are just the top layer of thousands of years of human civilization. So why just visit one culture, when you can take an archaeology of travel? 

Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth, Greece
sagrada familia in barcelona spain


We know and judge many historical civilizations by the architectural feats they leave behind. From the builders of the Parthenon, to modern masters like Antoni Gaudi and Oscar Niemayer, travel is always inspiring and sometimes the architecture of other peoples, places and the past can be the thing we remember the most.


From prehistoric objects, to tribal art, modern art and visual culture, there is always art on display when you travel. Just like with language and architecture, seeing local art and sculpture when we travel lets us know what is important to the lives of the locals we meet.

Angle of the North statue
Indonesia food vegetarianKetupat with Bokeh Background


Anthropologists have been studying food for two centuries now. Food shows love, power, prosperity, prowess, social class and understandings of community and belonging. It helps constructs identities and its an important part of the how societies create memories.


Not all cities and sites have to be ancient to be layered in history and memories. The last 1000 years of human history has involved so much war, fortifications and memorials but it is also bursting with art, architecture, inventions and awe inspiring cityscapes.

Dubrovnik Croatia


Learn a few words to get you by on your next trip and see how much more you experience with just a little local knowledge. 

Learn the best ways to get to your next travel destination.


The desire to be surrounded by a place of worship or spirituality has led to the most impressive structures by humans. The Great Pyramids, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Strasbourg Cathedral, and the great temples of Asia are just some of these amazing architectural structures of great beauty and power.

Shwedagon pagoda
Vernazza, 5 Terre, La Spezia province, Ligurian coast, Italy.


World Heritage sites can be natural or cultural and there are more than a thousand of them around the world. Come and discover the world’s most important natural and cultural sites.


From its birth in Georgia in 6,000 BCE, wine was spread by the Phoenicians throughout the Mediterranean. Discover local wines, wineries and wine traditions in beautiful locations.

grapevines on Santorini island

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