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Monique Skidmore

Hi! I created Trip Anthropologist for travelers like you who want to do more than just be tourists. It’s a site to inspire you about the rich cultures and millennia of history that are just waiting for you to explore when you take your next trip.

I’m a cultural anthropologist and I’ve conducted deep immersive fieldwork in several countries. I’ve lived and worked in many countries and you’ve probably guessed that I’m an avid traveler.

I have many years of experience traveling around all of the world’s continents except Antarctica (Canada was cold enough!), but I travel for several months every year around the Mediterranean and Europe (because there are unique historical sites here!)

I’ve won awards for my writing and I’ve been featured on some of the world’s biggest travel and news sites including Newsweek, Time, CNN, BBC, ABC, PBS, and Green Global Travel. Travel, culture, history, food, and archaeology are my passions and if you love these things as well, then you’ve found the right tribe!

You can read more about me on Wikipedia and some of my books and media commentaries are below. You can also see academic publications at moniqueskidmore.com.

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