Introduction to Croatia


Looking across the Adriatic Sea towards Italy, this central European nation has ancient cities linked to its long coastline, inland harbors and fertile countryside.


Like much of Europe, Croatia has had a history of incorporation into different territories. Beginning in the seventh century Croatia existed as two duchies which were then merged into one. The Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire affected its political and cultural life throughout the 12th to 17th centuries. 

Its modern history has been consumed with its absorption into Yugoslavia before its Independence in 1991.


The sheer number and diversity of museums in Dubrovnik is explained by the turbulent past of this interesting country.

Illyrian and Greek culture and cities flourished in Croatia, but it is the Romans who conquered and transformed Croatia’s mighty citadels into cities.

In terms of popular culture, Dubrovnik’s dramatic fortress architecture has become synonymous with Game of Thrones. 

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